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Internship Marketing & Design

Geplaatst 20 apr. 2022
0 tot 1 jaar
Full-time / part-time
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Nederlands (Vloeiend)

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As intern marketing and design you will work on improving our digital communication, acquiring new leads and conducting market research. Your focus will be to research the potential of a new market segment for The HeatCycle and associated products. By doing this, you will learn how to take the first and most critical steps of bringing an innovation to the market.

You have/are

  • A entrepreneurial mindset. You can change your perspective to that of the customer and define the scope of your tasks independently. You can also stay motivated when working alone/from home or when being confronted with a setback.
  • Socially strong. You will directly be in contact with important customers, so ‘soft skills’ are required. Furthermore, DeWarmte consists out of a small team that is dedicated to make heating more sustainable. All our team members work closely together, communication is key to work together successfully.
  • Design/Business/Social Studies background. Your assignments are focused on human interaction.
  • In the possession of a bachelor degree or equivalent.
  • Experienced with online marketing is a plus.
  • Fluent in Dutch


More than 40% of the Heat demand of an average Dutch household can be supplied in a circular manner. Circular heating results in an average CO2 reduction of 1 ton each year, per household. With the current Dutch housing stock, circular heating has a national CO2 reduction potential of 8 Mtons (4 coal fired power plants)! DeWarmte aims to reduce CO2 emissions caused by the built environment. We do this by recuperating heat from the sewage in the underfloor service space of the house. We believe that every technique with a significant CO2 reduction potential should be investigated. Not only by theory and experiments in the lab but also by assessing a viable business model and realising practical implementation. This is why we develop the HeatCycle. The HeatCycle is placed within the boundaries of the home to recuperate heat from the sewage.

DeWarmte currently consists out of 4 employees and 4 interns. Do you see yourself as our new colleague?

Een passie voor duurzaamheid, energie en techniek? Versterk het jonge en enthousiaste team van DeWarmte. Verwarming van de gebouwde omgeving is verantwoordelijk voor 70% van haar CO2 uitstoot. Wij lossen dit probleem op door te bouwen aan de nieuwe generatie duurzame verwarmingsoplossingen. Stuur een motivatie en CV naar team@DeWarmte.nl en meld je aan voor een stage. Of check een van onze openstaande vacatures voor een fulltime functie!

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