Creëer jouw persoonlijke profiel en ontdek vacatures die bij jou passen.


Creëer jouw persoonlijke profiel en ontdek vacatures die bij jou passen.


Intern UX / UI

Geplaatst 10 jan. 2022
0 tot 1 jaar
Full-time / part-time
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As an UX/UI intern at vidaXL you will become part of the design team. You will create designs to improve the user experience and performance of our webshops. Besides your main research topic we also want to show you what it’s like working as a UX/UI designer at vidaXL.

You will be part of our CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) team where we test and validate our design changes to check their performance. We also greatly value your input in brainstorm sessions etc. From experience we know that ‘new eyes’ usually have some pretty fresh ideas!

What you’ll be doing

Part of what vidaXL differentiates from other online retailers is our auctions feature. We have a constant stream of products that get auctioned off and enable people to get a really good deal on the product. But, we think we can do more with this feature if we make some changes in how it’s presented to our users. Both in getting people more interested in it, but also improvements to the UX/UI of actually participating in the auctions. In short there are a few main objectives for this project:

  1. Research the customer journey of auctions users.
  2. Get a clear idea of the ideal persona and auction’s current user base.
  3. Competitor analysis and other sources for ideas and insights.
  4. How to bring the auctions UI to the next level? Create a validated, substantiated user interface design and prototype.
  5. How to improve the auction overall user experience? Find bottlenecks and other flaws and make improvements.
  6. How to get more returning auction users? Analyse and validate data by performing user tests.
  7. Build a prototype that can be A/B tested and analyse the results with our CRO experts. Use this data to create a follow-up plan.

Our team thinks that our auctions section has potential and we think your fresh ideas can

bring this feature to the next level

As a UX/UI designer at vidaXL we are constantly busy with the following things:

  • CRO process support
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Put your front-end development skills to test by building code snippets for A/B tests
  • Design system support
  • Improving and updating components
  • Besides these we also refine our workflows regularly, share insights within the team and have a close supporting role for other teams such as Webshops team, Customer Service and our Campaign team.

vidaXL is a rapidly growing international online retailer. Our success is based on our belief that things can always be better and more affordable: ‘Expect more'​, as nobody likes to pay too much for products. We are continuously expanding our product range and offer the best products for the best price.

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