Creëer jouw persoonlijke profiel en ontdek vacatures die bij jou passen.


Creëer jouw persoonlijke profiel en ontdek vacatures die bij jou passen.


Internship: Blockchain and Linked Data

Geplaatst 12 nov. 2021


0 tot 2 jaar

Full-time / part-time





€ 450 - € 550 per maand

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Blockchain technology, Web standards and information management: do these peak your interest? Wonderful. We have an exciting internship opportunity for you at Semmtech!

We are looking for an ambitious Master student who is based in the Netherlands to research functional requirements for performing formal information transactions in the engineering sector by using these very technologies. This research can be conducted as part of a thesis.


Semmtech is a young company consisting of 25 people with different educational backgrounds. The backgrounds of team members range from information technology, artificial intelligence, civil engineering, linguistics, aerospace engineering, architecture, to English language and culture. Technically, we love open standards and vendor-independent information exchange. New innovations in Web technology offer just that. Most importantly however, we know the domain of our clients who are active within technological industries like infrastructure, construction, energy, shipbuilding, and aerospace industry. 

We started around ten years ago and made the company grow without external influence. This means our clients appreciate what we do for them and keep coming back. It also means we are financially stable and growing up to our potential step by step. We try to balance being focused and delivering results with a relaxed atmosphere and enough room for joking around and feel like a start-up team. At Semmtech we respect people for their personal beliefs and identity, and we are very serious at keeping that a core value of our company.


As an intern, you'll be researching functional requirements for performing formal information transactions based on recent technological developments (Linked Data, Blockchain). In other words, what should a solution for formal transactions be capable of? The outcome of your research can be the starting point for future efforts to develop a new system for reaching agreement between organizations, possibly replacing currently existing ones which are based on traditional and centralized technologies.

Besides formulating functional requirements, you are encouraged to develop a prototype solution that meets these functional requirements. At the end of your internship not only will you have produced something valuable but, more importantly, you will have unfolded as an expert in this field of knowledge that is rapidly developing.


  • Be a student in computer science or data science or related fields
  • Be ready to start a research course or thesis on formal information transactions
  • Have full time available for at least 3 months (or part-time 4+ months)
  • Have an interest in information management and Linked Data
  • Have an interest in distributed trust systems (e.g., Blockchain)
  • Have an interest in requirements engineering


  • Young and dynamic team focused on team spirit and professionalism
  • An informal yet professional working environment
  • The opportunity to work with in-house experts and external stakeholders
  • Freedom to perform your research at our company
  • Compensation consistent with market standards
  • Freedom of splitting work from home and the office (within government regulations)
  • Friday afternoon drinks and plenty of social events


Does this spark your interest? Do you still have questions? Please contact Bram at or here on!

We will make data interconnected, universally accessible and useful in more ways than you can dream of. We foresee smarter means of information use and new business models for our clients, based on distributed and computer interpretable data. We want to liberate businesses from the current IT establishment’s lock-in and make their software and processes flexible and lean.

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