Creëer jouw persoonlijke profiel en ontdek vacatures die bij jou passen.


Creëer jouw persoonlijke profiel en ontdek vacatures die bij jou passen.


Intern - Security Innovator

Stage Utrecht, NL
Geplaatst 12 okt. 2021

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Being a front runner in defending against modern attacks in a highly automated and time-critical business environment and be responsible for protecting billions of financial transactions. As an Intern security innovator, you can make a difference within our unique graduation program by staying up-to-date or even outpacing the latest security trends. You have a unique opportunity to innovate and experiment with your idea within a highly ambitious environment.

So do you have an innovative idea on security and want to be a front runner in defending against modern attacks?

Making a difference 

Become a part of our unique team within Rabobank to research and experiment viability and opportunities for innovative security solutions! We are ready to help you guide your idea of success. To enable you to be a successful front runner we can provide you with guidance in the process, a vast network, engagement from senior critical thinkers throughout the Rabobank, knowledge, and funding.

Here is some critical information about the internship:

  • You bring in your own case provided that it falls within the scope of security innovation.
  • The case that you will take on is at the crossroads of security, business, and usability wherein you will look to the world of tomorrow.
  • You research opportunities within an agile development environment wherein ICT and cloud are playing a central role.
  • If you combine this internship with a mandatory thesis, you must have the time to develop a demo/prototype and demonstration-programsto test new technologies and will give a graduation presentation for the key stakeholders of your project.

Share your idea in your motivation letter.

We would love to hear your ideas and how you would approach your case in the motivation letter. Preferably the scope of your idea falls under the following subjects, but is not limited to:

  • Can we shift the Rabobank from Risk based approach to a threat based approach?

  • E.g. Could we implement sensor networks on critical applications which could lead to behavioural patterns to invoke predictive behaviour?
  • Is it possible to create new behaviour alteration methods to ‘personalise’ phishing?

  • What behavioural alteration methodologies can be utilised to implement more efficient and effective employee based anti-phishing campaigns?
  • How can we futureproof penetration testing by utilising AI based methodologies to account for new threat vectors?

  • Especially with the focus of continuous automated penetration testing instead of snapshots.
  • How can we manage security in dynamic ecosystems, considering the shift to cloud-based applications?
  • How are we able to adapt our business continuity management to current and future developments?
  • How can we scan network DNA to identify behavioural patterns, invoke predictive maintenance?
  • What service would the bank deliver if we were not a bank?
  • How can we optimise strategic decision making based on the tech trend and the accompanying threat landscape?

With each other

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. First Line Risk (FLR) provides integrated first line risk management services that support the Rabobank domains to be in control of key operational and information security risks. In short, the FLR mission is to: ‘drive secure banking together”. Furthermore, we are responsible for a number of large programs on key risk themes.

Within the FLR organization, our Center of Expertise Security brings talented people together to protect Rabobank. With you as an intern security innovator, the team will consist of roughly 40 diverse colleagues in a variety of roles such as security advisors and security engineers.

Eric, Lead security innovation and security advisor: “We live in a rapidly changing world where it seems that the only constant is the exponential rate of change. This change is powered by the fourth industrial revolution which is characterized by emerging technology breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, quantum computing, and so on.

It is our mission to make and keep Rabobank a front runner and defend against modern attacks in this rapidly changing world.

This can be done by innovating and experimenting in new technology opportunities but also in improving or revising existing security practices, creating and exploiting new business models, leading organizational shifts, or even dive into the ethics around security.

But only together we are able to build trust and innovate in security.”

With you 

High ambitions, creativity, critical thinking, clear communication, technical knowledge, and interpersonal skills are clearly essential for the role of security innovator. In addition, it's important that you recognize everything in the checklist below:

  • HBO or WO - open to graduation thesis students
  • Doing a relevant study or have explicit experience or interest in the area of innovation, security, and business.
  • You strive for the best result possible.
  • You have strong personal integrity and know-how to work with classified information within the bank, but also in trusted communities
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English (mandatory) and Dutch (Preferable)
  • Very eager to learn
  • Start as soon as possible

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