Creëer jouw persoonlijke profiel en ontdek vacatures die bij jou passen.


Creëer jouw persoonlijke profiel en ontdek vacatures die bij jou passen.


Cloud Engineer - McKinsey Digital

Baan Amsterdam, NL
Geplaatst 23 jul. 2021

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Engels (Vloeiend)


3 tot 5 jaar

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  • 3+ years experience in driving the strategy, architecture, design and implementation of cloud initiatives 
  • Deep expertise of AWS, Azure or GCP 
  • Good understanding of container orchestration platforms like Docker, Kubernetes, ECS or others 
  • Experience in one or more programming languages (e.g. NodeJS, Golang, Ruby or Python) 
  • Strong experience using infrastructure-as-code such as Terraform, Cloudformation or others 
  • Strong devops automation experience including setup and configuration of CI/CD pipelines and surrounding ecosystem 
  • Ability to work independently and within a team 
  • Strong command of English (both verbal and written) 


You’ll join the McKinsey Digital practice in either our Amsterdam or Brussels office. This group brings together the best of McKinsey’s digital capabilities to help our clients use technology to transform their businesses. 

As part of this global team, you will deliver technology enabled solutions of the future. This will involve all business value chain activities from understanding product needs to product development to on-going maintenance and enhancement.

You’ll typically work on projects across all industries and functions and will be fully integrated with the rest of our global firm. You’ll also work with colleagues from across McKinsey & Company to help our clients deliver breakthrough products, experiences, and businesses.

Our office culture is casual, fun and social, with an emphasis on education and innovation. We have the freedom to try new ideas, experiment and are expected to be constantly learning and growing. We put a strong emphasis on mentoring others in the group, enabling them to grow and learn.


As a Cloud Engineer, you will play a critical role in driving the design, development and implementation of diverse public cloud initiatives (AWS, Azure, GCP). You will be responsible for providing cutting-edge technology solutions to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Your work will be hands on in the creation of software components, modules and integrations. You will also create software testing implementations including unit, functional, acceptance, performance and security tests. As a Cloud Developer, you will be a key team member in development cycles and provide feedback on technical constraints. You will implement dynamically scalable and highly available services and deploy production systems into cloud environments.


Finally, you will be an active learner, identifying new or better ways to deliver impact with people and technology. You will develop a growth mindset and relish opportunities to use familiar and unfamiliar technologies, closed source and open source software. You will embrace agile software development practices and contribute to growing and improving our engineering teams at McKinsey. Through cross functional collaboration, you will also hone your business and consulting skills through interactions with non-technical colleagues

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