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Junior Frontend Engineer

Baan Rotterdam, NL
Geplaatst 11 nov. 2020

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€ 3.000 - € 3.400 per maand

Vind jouw perfecte baan bij een van de 5.000 werkgevers op's mission is to make it easier to find a job you love or the talent you need. We do this through the platform, which is used by more than 250.000 students, graduates and young professionals and more than 5000 companies, from startups to multinationals, in both the Netherlands and the UK.

When asked for the one thing that separates us from most companies we'd say it's the speed at which we master new technologies and develop new features. We run a very efficient, highly optimised microservice architecture that allows us to move fast and experiment with a lot of things. Code automatically moves to production multiple times a day.

You will be part of our small but talented software engineering team. Within that team each member has a high level of responsibility and impact on our product. You can and will ship features from design to production together with one of our designers.

The role

You will be working on our frontend which is built in React. This means you will be pairing with our fantastic designers to create a product our users will love, and you will be working closely with the backend engineers to squeeze as much performance out of the backend as we can. Together we continuously aim to ship a high-quality product to all of our users.

Soon you will move along with the entire frontend team from a "building" state-of-mind to an "explore-and-improve" attitude. During this time you'll identify areas for future improvement together with other members of the product team. As such you will be working extensively with large amounts of data: a certain fondness of numbers and/or statistics is therefore required.

Our team and process

The development team runs as a small but very well-oiled machine. Apart from that our product team is very flexible, allowing you to work from anywhere, anytime (already pre-corona 😉). In order to ensure we work on the right stuff, we divide our work into smaller projects. Together with a designer you run will run such a project yourself, with little to no overhead of others involved. Collaboration primarily goes through GitHub, Slack, and Google Meet. We're committed to transparency, collaboration, experimentation, and helping our users find their dream job. We take great pride in hiring top talent from a variety of disciplines and bringing people together with one simple directive: collaborate, create, learn and improve. 

Some of the things we built that we're proud of: 

  • We use microservices, connected via a message bus (Kafka) and a REST api, as our main architecture. This means you can build new features in no time at all, or try out new stuff.
  • Everything that is merged into master is deployed to  production within an hour. Automatically, no human intervention required.
  • Our frontend is being developed in React, which is what you will be working on! The core components of our React stack are redux, normalizr and flow.

Job perks include unlimited vacation days, and a cool office in Rotterdam where you can goof around with your colleagues, play some ping-pong or challenge each other to a game of Mario Kart. We also have great office parties on our sunny balcony where we fire up the BBQ and enjoy each other's company. 


Because is growing rapidly, we are looking for a strong, Frontend Engineer that can help us build applications that scale, allowing tens of thousands of users to find their dream job. If you are a developer with a passion for coding and willing to work in an inspiring environment and ready to make an impact or if you have any questions please contact Rogier Slag at on Twitter or apply for this position and write your question in the accompanying message.  


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science (or equivalent).
  • Fluency in JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Experience with any Javascript type system is a big plus!
  • Experienced in a frontend framework, such as React or Vue.js.
  • Diving deep into a huge pile of numbers makes you happy
  • Excellent knowledge of browsers, performance, and build tooling.

And for bonus points: 

  • Experience with running services in a Unix-based environment.
  • Experience with SEO
  • You can't wait to drive innovation further.
  • You're in love with React
  • Experience with frontend testing frameworks

What a typical post-corona day at the office would look like:

  1. Wake up, do your personal morning routine. Decide if you are coming to the office or working from home.
  2. Check-in to our progress room by telling everyone what you are planning to work on today. Also start the day off with a quick chat with your colleagues through Google Meet.
  3. Start reviewing some pull requests, and try to get as much shipped! Also check any pressing issues (if any) as highlighted in the team call.
  4. Start working on awesome features, squashing bugs, or pair up with a designer to polish your feature.
  5. Take some time to analyse the data from the project you are working on in order to determine any future steps
  6. Repeat 3, 4 and 5 until lunch.
  7. Lunch.
  8. Play ping-pong or Mario Kart to properly finish your lunch break.
  9. Repeat step 3, 4, and 5, with some possible ping-pong in between.
  10. If (Friday) { gather around the big screen for our weekly all-hands meeting with beers, demo's and company progress. After that go home and enjoy life or stick around and find yourself somewhere in a bar in Rotterdam later on }
  11. else { go home, enjoy life }

To apply

Tell us about what really gets you going, and what you cannot wait to bring to the (virtual) table. Whether that's data or technology related, we'd love to hear from you!

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