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Nieuw op Registreer je nu om je eigen persoonlijke vacature-matches te krijgen.


Growth Marketeer

BaanDen Haag, Nederland

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Nederlands (Vloeiend)

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2 tot 5 jaren

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Company Mission

We build impactful, design driven tools for humans that leverage the latest in computer vision technology so everyone can have faster access to information. Our aim is to be the pioneers enhancing and augmenting human vision, unlocking potential beyond what one can (and cannot) see.

Why this Role?

  1. Work on a product people love that solves real problems: Our greatest source of inspiration and motivation are our users. They love our product, which truly enables them to be independent in their daily lives. We are pioneering applications of technology, like AI, for good.
  2. Have a global impact at scale: We are a young company. We're dedicated and we have global ambitions. Our users are from all over the world and we aim to be as inclusive in our reach to them as possible.
  3. Jack of all, Master of One: Our team is small yet each of us wear many hats. Though you would be the owner and master of your domain, you will have active say and involvement in all aspects of building a venture from bottom up. We're all open, honest and there's absolutely no boredom.
  4. Join us at a magical time: We have had the privilege of generating revenue from the very beginning, enabling us to work on product development and steadily grow our user base. With our recent infusion of investment from a great Impact Investing team, we now have the opportunity to take big swings. A truly special set of circumstances!
  5. Gain new skills fast: Because we are a close-knit team of domain masters we are always learning from each other in order to work more synchronously. Your mind, abilities, and product sense will expand every day.

Life at Envision

We're a unique collection of dreamers, tinkerers and geeks based out of The Hague. When we're not hard at work, we love to have deep discussions about food and murder mysteries. Our office is based at YES! Delft The Hague.

Celebrating our seed investment with some champagne 🍾

Speaking with our users at the ZieZo Beurs 🙌

Being our true selves 🤪

Planning marketing strategies 📈

Chiming in the holiday spirit 🎄

The Product

Envision is currently available as an app in the AppStore and PlayStore. It is a swiss army knife of visual recognition tools that can be used from reading texts to recognising faces and objects. With Envision, visually impaired people all over the world are shopping at supermarkets, commuting in public transport, ordering from the menu, finding their belongings and so much more, all on their own. 💪

🏆 Envision is the winner of Google Play Award 2019 for the Best Acessibility Experience and was nominated for AppleVis Hall of Fame 2019.

The best way to experience it is to download it and play around.

About this Role

So, what will you do?

  • Research and identify growth channels that work best for our audience.
  • Define, develop and execute marketing campaigns to drive app installs and conversions.
  • Implement methods and tools to track data and derive insights.
  • Run Envision's social media accounts, taking part in public conversations that engage with users and potential users, plus drive more word of mouth.
  • Engage actively with user communities (online and offline) to create an open dialogue.
  • Create and localise content for our website, app assets and blog.
  • Reach out to influencers and explore partnerships / endorsements / ambassadorship.
  • Provide user insights to the design and engineering team for product development.

You might be a good fit if...

  • You have strong writing skills — both short form (messaging) and long form (product guides). You pay attention to details and love to get creative with words.
  • You're curious about people and problems, a good listener who's naturally interested to dig in, ideate, and find solutions.
  • You're familiar with Growth Hacking methods and tools (like Pirate Funnel).
  • You are comfortable with digital tools like SEO, Google Analytics, Digital Ads, etc.
  • You have more than two years of relevant experience in the field.
  • You're enticed by the eventual opportunity to manage a team.


  • What benefits can I expect?
  • Is this role only full-time? Can I work remotely?
  • Do you sponsor visas?
  • Will you help me to relocate?
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Envision AI empowers blind and low vision people to be independent by speaking out the visual world in front of them. It is a smartphone app that uses artificial intelligence to read all kinds of text from any surface, recognise faces, describe scenes, find objects, scan barcodes, detect colours and so much more. It is the best all-in-one tool in the pocket of a blind or low vision user for all of their visual recognition tasks.

Den Haag
Actief in 200 landen
7 medewerkers
60% mannen - 40% vrouwen
Gemiddeld 27 jaar oud

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Karthik Mahadvean


Karthik Mahadvean

Karthik is the co-founder of Envision and is responsible for Design, Marketing and Operations.

Karthik Kannan


Karthik Kannan

Karthik Kannan is the co-founder of Envision and is responsible for Engineering, Development and Finance.