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Machine Vision and AI in Agricultural Drone Imagery

Stage in Den Haag, Nederland

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€ 300

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Did you know that the agricultural sector is hungry for change and ready to embrace technology? Ever thought Computer Vision could change the way the world produces its food? Do you like to put your technical skills into practice in a dynamic, young startup environment? Then this is the next step in your career.

What we ask of you

We are looking for interns that:

  • Provide Msc-level thinking;
  • Have experience with Machine Vision (e.g. OpenCV);
  • Have experience with Machine Learning;
  • Have experience programming in Python;
  • Enjoy working in small teams and a startup environment;
  • Enjoy taking ownership of technical business problems;
  • Dare to speak up when they simply know best;

Don’t tick all the boxes? Don’t worry! As long as you are willing to learn, we are willing to investigate the possibilities of a suitable internship.

About VanBoven

VanBoven is a Dutch Agri-Tech startup in The Hague founded in 2018 by TU Delft and Wageningen University alumni. VanBoven provides farmers with accurate harvest predictions, based on drone-imagery and other sources of information. Using machine learning, VanBoven can identify and analyze each and every single plant in fields spanning many football fields.

VanBoven has an office in The Hague, on walking distance from Den Haag Holland Spoor station. There we develop our product, establish our business strategy, do sales and recruit new team members. Together we are working on a mission to change the agricultural world for the better. VanBoven currently has a team of 8 people with a perfectly flat organizational structure.

Even though we are a startup, VanBoven is by no means a playing ground – we have a handful of big farming customers, partnerships with universities and a serious commitment to investors and partners. Its serious business.


We use algorithms to analyze agricultural drone imagery. Our algorithms can identify and determine the physiological traits of every single plant in fields with over 150k plants. This requires Computer Vision algorithms, in some cases combined with supervised learning models.

As Computer Vision & AI Intern you will receive a specific vision challenge on which you can work during your internship. These assignments depend on our current development needs, but generally ask you to develop a specific detection algorithm, test and improve one of our current algorithms, or develop an alternative algorithm to one of our current algorithms.

Our internship positions change over time as our product develops. We encourage you to get in touch with us so we can provide you with the latest openings, or draft your perfect assignment together. For inquiries, please contact Kaz (+31 6 38 31 25 58 or

Your day at VanBoven

As an intern for VanBoven you will work at our office in The Hague among our young and motivated team. During your first week we will help you get started and fully define your internship assignment together. Once you are up and running you will spend about 80% of the time on your own project, and 20% helping other team members with technical challenges. You will participate in our weekly technical meetings, have lunch with the team (and our singing housekeeper) and of enjoy drinks on Friday afternoon.


We want to make sure your internship gives you the best learning experience whilst also providing us with valuable results. Therefore we like to meet you in person and build your perfect internship assignment together.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask Kaz (+31 6 38 31 25 58 or Applications can be made through, or by sending a direct mail (short motivation + CV) to Kaz via email.

Logo VanBoven
Over VanBoven
naar bedrijfspagina

Bij VanBoven werk je aan een duurzame toekomst voor de land- en tuinbouw waarin data, drones en machine learning een belangrijke rol spelen. VanBoven analyseert agrarische drone-opnamen en past machine learning algoritmen toe om de oogst per individuele plant te voorspellen. De inzichten die hieruit volgen worden overzichtelijk aan de boer én zijn afnemers getoond waarmee de gehele waardeketen, van 'farm to fork', wordt geoptimaliseerd.

Den Haag
Actief in 1 landen
8 medewerkers
70% mannen - 30% vrouwen
Gemiddeld 25 jaar oud

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Data Analysis Intern


Tijdens mijn stage wilde ik graag leren werken met Python. Ik kreeg de ruimte om, samen met medeoprichter Eric, een opdracht vast te stellen waarin ik mezelf kon ontwikkelen op dat gebied. Zo heb ik geleerd wat ik wilde én een leuke tijd gehad.


Thesis Student


Bij VanBoven wordt er naar je geluisterd. Het team staat open open voor een andere invalshoek of nieuwe aanpak. Zo krijg ik de ruimte zelf te bepalen welke oplossing het best is en die ook uit te voeren.