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Development Battery management system Internship

Stage in Delft, Nederland

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Who are you and what can you expect?

You are a bachelor student in the field of computer science at a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (with experience in Java and C ++), and you love to put your hands out of your pockets and to build, tinker or program things in your spare time. Do you like to install domotics in your home and read it remotely, build a small racing kart of a beer crate, or just keep your computer open and upgrade? Then we'll find you! For this internship you work together with a starting company of young people, who value your (new) ideas and solutions, and you get plenty of opportunities to grow in all kinds of areas. Moreover, you will (probably) be offered an inspiring workplace at our partner Technolution, where all the specific knowledge and help is available for a fantastic internship! In addition, you get a small compensation for work and pleasure.

What do we expect from you?

In this project you will help us to develop a management and operating system for the battery. The battery, Blue Battery, consists of two tanks with water, pumps and a so-called stack with membranes. Fresh and salt water is pumped through this stack with membranes, and electricity is generated by mixing the water. The process is reversed in the storage of electricity, where an electric potential is placed over the membranes, whereby the salt ions separate through the membranes. The goal of this internship is to develop a management and operating system for the battery, by programming in Java and C ++. Within this battery management system, the different parts of the battery are controlled, such as sensors, pumps and battery power.

Duration / Location / Deadline

3-6 months / Leiden / z.s.m.

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AquaBattery is a team of 6 young professionals, with people having backgrounds in engineering and science. Currently the team is growing, with 3 fulltime positions and 3 internships open.

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