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Shake-on is an award winning tech start-up in the events industry that aims to revolutionize how people network both during and after events.13NLLeidenLeiden
  1. Over Shake-on

    Introducing Shake-on

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  3. About Shake-on

    Shake-on is a team of young, ambitious professionals looking to revolutionize the meeting market. All team members joined Shake-on because of their common goal; to become innovators in the meeting industry by giving people the chance to make the most out of their opportunities.

    Within 5 years Shake-on will be a well-known brand with the international event-market and benefit events world-wide. Stationed at the high-tech incubator YES!Delft, we pride ourselves within an energetic, flexible and ambitious work environment.

    We create an eco-system for the event industry, which makes events more memorable, fun and profitable for all the parties involved. We give you the chance to make the most of your money in an intuitive and innovative way.

    Our core product is the bracelet which will be distributed at events and worn by attendees. Shake-on has developed these smart bracelet’s that, once a handshake is detected, transfers information gathered on the event floor to our easy to use mobile app that can be accessed conveniently with personalized login details. With our product we aim to offer a wide range of services, suiting anyone’s needs.

    Let's make networking as simple as a handshake.

  4. WHY (of) Shake-on

    Our WHY at Shake-on, our reason to exist and pursue our dream, is our belief in opportunities. When opportunities rise in life but especially in business, we want to make sure you will never miss out on any. This is also exactly the reason why we founded our company; we saw an opportunity within the market we did not want to miss. 1 Year later it turns out to be the best opportunity we grabbed in our career.
    The reason we want you to join the Shake-on team is the same: we don't want you to miss out on an opportunity; an opportunity to join a lively start-up that just secured it's first investment, has her customers ready and is ready to take the actual jump: bringing our product to market! We are placed with an office in the coolest work environment at the incubator YES!Delft, joined with 70 fellow start-ups.

Eloi Garrido Barrabés

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Eloi Garrido Barrabés

Embedded Systems Engineer

Eloi is our Spanish superman in embedded systems engineering. He is still graduating at the TU Delft and working at Shake-on as a side-job. Besides beging a hardcore programmer he...Meer


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