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Henkel looks back on more than 140 years of success as it holds leading positions in three business units thanks to strong brands, innovations and technologies as diverse as it's employees worldwide!55000NLNieuwegeinNieuwegein
  1. Over Henkel

    Henkel operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in three business areas: Laundry & Home Care, Cosmetics/Toiletries and Adhesive Technologies. Founded in 1876, Henkel holds globally leading market positions both in the consumer and industrial businesses with well-known brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite. Henkel, headquartered in Düsseldorf / Germany, has more than 47,000 employees worldwide and counts among the most internationally aligned German-based companies in the global marketplace

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  3. Onze Waarden

    Onze Waarden

    We put our CUSTOMERS at the center of what we do. We anticipate, respond to and meet our customers’ and consumers’ expectations by providing the best value, quality, and most innovative brands and technologies. We value, challenge and reward our PEOPLE. We treat each other with respect and dignity and develop our capabilities. We expect everyone to take personal responsibility and perform to high standards. We rely on each other for our success as a company. We drive excellent sustainable FINANCIAL performance. We are a performance-driven company committed to growing the value of our business and providing a competitive return to our shareholders. We are committed to leadership in SUSTAINABILITY. We provide products, technologies and processes that meet the highest standards. We are committed to the safety and health of our employees, the protection of the environment and the quality of life in the communities in which we operate. We build our future on our FAMILY business foundation. We value the continuity of our purpose and vision based on our long history of success and a strong focus on our values. We are guided by our longterm vision which rests on a fair entrepreneurial spirit and a solid financial basis.

  4. Onze Visie

    Onze Visie

    A global leader in brands and technologies. To be a global leader in brands and technologies means that we strive to be the best in whatever we do.. First, to be a global leader means that our goal is to achieve at least the top three positions in each of our international markets and business segments, and to be a first mover in emerging markets with high potential for growth. We aspire to be a global leader in the degree of trust and appreciation we earn from both our industrial customers and our individual consumers. Second, we aspire to be a global leader in brands. We want our brands to be recognized for their strength, their quality, and their value. This includes all of our brands, in the business-to-business sector as well as our ‘household name’ brands in the business-to-consumer sector. Third, we aspire to be a global leader in brands and technologies– by striving constantly for innovations that enhance quality and provide greater value, to meet our customers’ current needs and to anticipate their future requirements.

  5. Sollicatieproces

    Attracting and acquiring the best talent will create a competitive advantage and contribute to Henkel's long-term and sustainable business success: Make Henkel a world class company because of the quality and commitment of its people! A well planned and executed recruitment and selection process will attract excellent people. Henkel's Winning and High Performance Culture shall be driven by our future talents and employees. We are looking for people with the potential to make our Vision and Values come alive and to support our Henkel Culture with the capability to drive performance. Consequently, a professional selection process needs to be followed: Screening of Applications Online Tests (for managerial hiring) Telephone Interview (optional) Personal Interviews (with hiring business and HR) Assessment Center (for managerial hiring) All of these methods are based on Henkel's Performance and Potential Assessment to ensure candidates are measured against the same criteria. Regional differences in the use of these methods apply (e.g. order of parts of selection process or restrictions due to legal reasons).

  6. Laundry & Home Care

    Laundry & Home Care has always played an important role for Henkel: The Company’s success story started with a product from this business sector and the division accounts for 30% of Henkel´s sales. For consumers in more than 40 countries, our brand names such as Persil, Purex and Pril, have become an integral part of their daily lives. In the markets of relevance to us, our Laundry & Home Care business sector enjoys leading positions on a worldwide scale. We operate in the laundry care and household cleaner segments and it is our vision to become in these markets the undisputed expert for the consumer and for the trade.

  7. Beauty Care

    We are a leading cosmetics company and strive to be the most exciting, most innovative and most successful in selected markets and regions What defines us: We are innovation leaders We have unique category expertise We hold leading market positionsworldwide We develop a portfolio of strong well-known brands We have dynamically transformed our business We are a strong, diverse, global team with passion for winning

  8. Adhesive Technologies

    Adhesives, sealants and surface treatments from Henkel Adhesives Technologies (U-A) are everywhere – at home, at school, in the office, on the building site and in the factory. They can be found in many objects that are manufactured, which touch our lives every day: cars, books and magazines, computers, aircraft, refrigerators, cell phones, furniture, shoes, textiles, packaging, and many more. Without our products and technologies such items would look different, not last as long, cost more to produce or simply be manufactured using traditional methods. Thanks to its people, brands and technologies, Henkel Adhesive Technologies has become a worldwide leader in bonding, sealing and surface treatments. As such we are able to embrace fully new trends, foresee new needs and provide the appropriate innovative solutions and sustainable products.

  9. Henkel Benelux Headquarter
  10. 3 Areas of Competence
  11. Pattex
  12. Schwarzkopf
  13. Persil
  14. Diadermine
  15. Witte Reus
  16. Indola
  17. Fleuril
  18. Pritt
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