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  1. Over KEYRUS

    Over KEYRUS

    BIPB is driven by data, a specialist Big Data & analytics consulting firm with an established and growing global presence. Our business has been Data centric since our inception. We have teams of highly experienced consultants who are vendor-certified implementation professionals; they demonstrate and teach best practices.
    We are here to help people and organisations make better data-driven decisions in an increasingly complex environment. BIPB are not just developers. We are able to manage the entire development lifecycle. We work with our clients to advise and support on everything from the selection of the best technologies through to the most appropriate project management methodologies to use.

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  3. Capabilities

    BIPB offers a unique approach and technologies when engaging with our clients.
    Everything we do is agile, onsite and onshore.

    We have built a business in consulting services and understand the requirements and environment for our solutions to excel. We have a depth of experience in many leading BI tools across multiple industries. This enables us to rapidly implement best practice, rather than start from scratch every time.

    We also understand the challenges of working in an Enterprise environment. BIPB provide first class advisory and consulting services and develop solutions for multi-function business clients and global project teams. The BIPB consulting team have a wealth of experience in delivering solutions for our clients and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the value that can be received from your own data.

    You can be sure of consistency in our delivery as our consultants are tested, trained, and fully employed by BIPB.

  4. Company History

    In the early 2000’s I realised a gap existed in the market to help bridge the divide between the needs of business users in Enterprise organisations and the requirements of technology groups in those companies. I had worked in this industry for over 12 years at this point including Investment Banks such as UBS, Natwest (now RBS), and Deutsche Bank. Using this experience, when I thought about what a consulting firm would do to deliver exceptional client value in solving this challenge; I imagined an organisation that would embrace disruptive technology, create a network structure not a strict hierarchy, and would create a positive impact on the world around it. The start-up I created in 2005 nearly a decade on has evolved into BIPB – the Big Data and Analytics consulting firm.

    Looking back on nine years since the company first started it surprises me how much the core values have changed very little. First, having watched the successes and failures of the .com bubble at the turn of the millennium I imagined an organisation that exhibited the determined passion found within the family culture of a technology start-up combined with the professionalism expected of a traditional consulting firm. For this reason I wanted to create an organisation that was unlike most other professional services firms to work with and work within.
    I knew I had to deliver exceptional results to my clients. To do this, I needed a world-class team. I therefore hired a team of experienced technologists to help me ensure my client expectations were delivered. Our clients’ trust in our ability to deliver is still a foremost necessity, and this comes from having a team driven to success. To achieve this we would need to embrace a set of values that promote developing each of our team to become all they can be within the firm.

    While in our early days we were a small company just surviving in the world, as we grew I noticed I needed to create a unique organisational structure. What was important to me was that we didn’t just replicate any other consulting firm, but created something original. That is why I believe that the only purpose of the organisation is to serve the empowerment of the individual. In many ways the empowerment of our team is a parallel to the liberation that our clients feel when they become driven by data.

    Finally, I didn’t just want BIPB to stand for best practice – I wanted to define a new level of achievement. That’s why we believe that ‘awesomeness’ is the only quality standard that counts!
    Now, as we enter 2015, I can say that BIPB truly lives up to the vision I had for it all those years ago, and as the company prepares for its second decade I look forward to watching it go from strength to strength through its continued client focus and dedication to its team.

Nigel West

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Nigel West

Head of UK Operations

Nigel is focused on delivering quality projects and solutions to our clients on-time and on-budget, and building a Company that employees are proud and happy to work in. Prior to...Meer


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