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Next generation information services firm working alongside the world's largest private equity firms, asset managers, consultancies and corporations.400GBLondonGreater London
  1. Over AlphaSights

    The World's Knowledge Partner™

    In 2008, we set out with a clear value proposition: to provide today’s business leaders bespoke access to industry knowledge worldwide, quickly and safely. Entering a competitive field, we knew that our ability to excel would result from nothing but other the calibre of our people. From day one, we focused on building a world-class firm that would attract the best and brightest talent in the market.

    Today, we rank amongst the fastest-growing information services firms in the world. Operating from regional hubs in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, our 350+ professionals help thousands of the world’s leading business professionals ramp up fast on unfamiliar topics, make better decisions and execute projects more effectively.

    At the same time, we have become a top career option for the best graduates and early-stage professionals worldwide, with over a hundred open positions being filled annually.

    We are committed to investing what it takes – in our all-star team, our systems and processes – to help our clients stay at the top of their game and and to build a world-class firm that inspires and develops the business leaders of tomorrow.

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    Zie gelijk jouw vacature-matches en vind de baan of stage die perfect is voor jou.

  3. Our Values

    Our Values

    Excellence and Reciprocity

    At AlphaSights, we believe that striving for excellence and acting with a sense of reciprocity is the key to long-term success.


    To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive world, you need to be excellent at what you do. As a firm, we’re relentlessly focused on being the best – or becoming the best - at what we do. The dedication of our professionals to excellence makes us the preferred choice of partner for our clients and drives our firm’s rapid growth. And providing a truly excellent career platform for our people allows us to attract the brightest and best talent in the market.


    Treating everyone we encounter along our journey with kindness and respect not only makes life more enjoyable, it also makes good business sense. In an ever more connected world, what goes around comes around. Helping clients and colleagues achieve their goals is thus the first step towards succeeding ourselves.

  4. The Graduate Associate Role

    We’re a global team of ambitious, mission-driven professionals committed to accelerating progress for our clients and for our people alike. From the moment you join us as an Associate early in your career, you’ll have significant autonomy and responsibility. You’ll get intense training and countless professional development opportunities to help you excel in your role. And you’ll have opportunities to work and spend time with like-minded colleagues from across the globe right from the get-go.

  5. Your Path

    Your Path

    Every year, we receive over 30,000 applications, conduct thousands of interviews but only select about 150 people. Why? Not because candidates are not impressive or highly qualified. Rather, because their career aspirations are not aligned with what we offer at AlphaSights.

    We know how difficult it is to make the right career choice, especially when it comes to your first job. Job descriptions often contain the same buzzwords - as do most CVs. No matter in how much detail they describe your future role, there is only so much that you can truly ‘feel’ about a company before you actually join.

    When considering AlphaSights, we ask that you spend time reading and reflecting on the path below, and whether it aligns with you and your goals.

    Associate Years 0-2

    Working on the commercial frontline from the start, you’ll develop the ability to deliver on projects, hit targets, grow accounts and drive forward your team’s objectives. While you will be hyper-responsive to client needs, you won’t find yourself burning the midnight oil or working weekends. As a high-growth, constantly changing organisation, we encourage you to take initiative and have lasting impact on the company.

    Manager Years 3-5

    Once you excel at commercial execution, you are set to develop into a versatile business leader managing your own team and a multi-million dollar book of business. To achieve this, you will develop B2B skills in client relations, end-to-end project management, communications, negotiation and sales - as well as internally-facing skills in recruiting, coaching and motivating other smart professionals around you.

    Vice President Year 6+

    Senior professionals who grow with AlphaSights become business principals, leading their own teams and running their own multi-million dollar business units on the AlphaSights platform. After consistent excellence and success on the commercial frontline, our top executives take on broad leadership positions by specialising in functional roles, spearheading new major projects, opening entirely new offices, or taking on firm-wide structural responsibilities.

Sascha Schermer

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Sascha Schermer

Manager, London

I started at AlphaSights in September 2014 as a graduate from Witten/Herdecke's General Management programme in Germany. I have studied abroad as an exchange student in South Africa, the USA...Meer


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