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Data Platform Architect

Posted 11 Jul 2024
Work experience
0 to 7 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)

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Put your technical knowledge to good use and come up with the best designs and advice for internal colleagues and external customers. We are looking for a Data Platform Architect who is fluent in the Dutch language, both verbally and in writing. A job as Data Platform Architect at Digital Power As a Data Platform Architect at Digital Power, you will take on various roles. Sometimes you will be at the forefront of the sales process, helping to clarify the problem as a Data Platform Architect and contributing to the solution design. At other times, you will be involved in technical discussions, using your expertise (or that of our clients/colleagues) to develop detailed advice or partial solutions. Who we're looking for Good to know Currently, we are only hiring candidates who are authorized to work in The Netherlands at the time of their application. We are in the process of becoming a sponsor for non-EU citizens, however, we cannot make any promises at the moment. Also, you must live in the Netherlands during your employment at Digital Power. Passion for data You are up-to-date with modern developments in the world of data and cloud architecture. You have an affinity for designing data platforms while considering general best practices and integrating into the organisation's specific data landscape. You enjoy helping clients take the next steps in data maturity. Required experience You already have work experience as a Data Platform Architect or are a senior Data Engineer ready for the next challenging step. You have completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant technical field. You are a strong communicator and know who to call for help. You excel in stakeholder and expectation management. You have experience designing within one or more used applications such as data lakes, data pipelines, data warehouses, orchestration tools, and analytics/dashboarding. You have experience with data governance. You have experience in designing and hands-on implementation of a complete data platform, including orchestration (e.g., Airflow, Databricks Workflows), transformations (e.g., Spark, SQL, dbt), storage (S3, Azure Blob Storage, SQL/NoSQL databases), and governance (Unity Catalog, Azure Purview). You have knowledge of and experience with networking and security. You have knowledge of and experience with data modeling. Depending on your ambitions, the following is also relevant: Knowledge of streaming data tools, such as Apache Kafka or RabbitMQ. Experience with deploying AI in production, such as LLMs and NLP applications. Experience with setting up machine learning lifecycle flows. Certifications in the following subjects are a plus DAMA-DMBOK TOGAF Data Mesh Architect certifications for AWS, GCP and/or Azure Certifications in data platforms such as Databricks or Snowflake Knowledge of information security guidelines such as the BIO standard and NIS2 What else? You enjoy working on both internal and external projects. You have experience mentoring colleagues in both hard and soft skills. You are eager to learn.You get good energy from our 'working with us' page. You feel energised reading our Careers page Don’t have all the required competencies but are strongly motivated to work as a Data Platform Architect? Just apply! A keen willingness to learn and a fit with our culture are decisive factors. We offer We offer a starting salary of €4700 – €6800 gross per month, depending on your knowledge and experience. An environment with more than 120 data specialists, including 20 data engineers, available for your development. The opportunity to mentor juniors/mediors in their development.Our current Data Platform Architect as a buddy. You will get your own learning environment in AWS, Azure, and GCP. Unlimited training budget for obtaining additional certifications. The ability to set your own working hours. Check out what else we offer here. What your day looks like as a Data Platform Architect at Digital Power Depending on your ambition and available assignments, there are two possible day structures: Long-term Data Platform Architect role at a large client As a Data Platform Architect at a large client, your day begins with a stand-up meeting with the project team. Here, you discuss progress, challenges, and priorities for the day. After the stand-up, you dive into an in-depth analysis of the current architecture to identify potential optimizations. You have a meeting with the client's IT manager to discuss the proposed changes and ensure alignment with the organization's strategic goals. Then you work on a detailed design for a new microservices architecture, using the latest technologies and best practices. In the afternoon, you guide a team of developers in implementing a new part of the architecture. You provide advice and help solve technical issues. Later, you meet with the security team to ensure that the new architecture complies with all security standards and regulations. Short-term projects for smaller clients As a Data Platform Architect working on multiple small projects, you start your day by prioritising your task list. You have a brief call with a start-up to evaluate their current architecture and make recommendations for improvement. You use your knowledge of various cloud platforms to create a solution that is both efficient and cost-effective. In between, you answer questions from another client who is implementing an LLM model. You provide detailed advice on how to bring the AI into production and share information on MLOps. In the afternoon, you visit a client on-site with a Business Manager to give a workshop on best practices in architecture design. You share your knowledge and experience, helping them improve their own architecture. You end the day by updating documentation and preparing a report for a client you previously advised. An analytics engineer and data engineer at this client are setting up a new data warehouse based on your proposal. This report contains concrete steps and recommendations to improve their IT infrastructure. You also advise and guide these colleagues in the next steps. Both options offer a lot of variety and challenge, where you are constantly working on creating valuable solutions for various clients. You play a crucial role in the success of their projects and contribute to their growth and efficiency.

Digital Power is een team van specialisten met passie voor data. We helpen organisaties effectief te werken met data. Onze mensen zijn gespecialiseerd in Data Analytics, Technical Web Analytics, Customer Experience, Data Science en Data Engineering. In multidisciplinaire teams zijn we DE datapartner van Nederland. Als consultant bij ons sta je nooit alleen voor een uitdaging. Je deelt kennis en wisselt ervaringen uit met een team van like-minded mensen op wie je altijd terug kunt vallen.

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70% men - 30% women
Average age is 30 years