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Support Engineer

Posted 15 Jul 2024
Work experience
0 to 3 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required languages
English (Fluent)
Dutch (Fluent)

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Job description

You'll be at the forefront of ensuring seamless interactions and satisfaction for our clients and projects. Are you passionate about tackling a variety of support inquiries, from technical challenges to user assistance? If you thrive in a dynamic and customer-centric environment, Rockfeather welcomes your expertise in providing top-tier support to help our clients achieve their goals. Join us and be the driving force behind our commitment to outstanding customer service.

Your Role as a Support Engineer

As a Support Engineer at Rockfeather, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the continued success of our cloud-based data architecture solutions for our valued customers. Your primary responsibility is to provide expert aftercare and support to maintain and optimize data systems, delivering maximum value to our clients. Key aspects of your role include:

  1. Post-Implementation Support: You will be instrumental in maintaining and securing data architectures, ensuring the smooth flow of structured and unstructured data from various sources.
  2. Performance Optimization: Your expertise will be put to use in continuously improving data pipelines, ensuring they remain efficient and meeting both functional and non-functional business requirements.
  3. Infrastructure Management: You will oversee the ongoing operation of data warehouses and cloud infrastructure, making necessary adjustments, and addressing any issues that may arise.
  4. Integration Maintenance: Building upon the work of our Data Engineers, you will ensure the long-term reliability and scalability of integrations and services within our hybrid Cloud environment.
  5. Monitoring and Optimization: Your role includes monitoring system performance and optimizing costs to ensure our solutions remain cost-effective and efficient.

What Rockfeather Has to Offer

Rockfeather is committed to nurturing your growth and development as a Support Engineer. We offer:

  • Ongoing Learning Opportunities: We provide extensive resources, funding, and support for your training, education, and participation in relevant events to help you stay current with the latest technologies and best practices.
  • Freedom and Responsibility: We empower you to make the best decisions for your professional development, giving you the autonomy to excel in your role.
  • Collaborative Environment: Our multidisciplinary teams, including Data Analytics, Data Integration, Data Science, and Low-code experts, foster knowledge sharing and networking, enabling us to deliver impactful projects and innovative solutions.
  • Work-Life Balance: We understand the importance of work-life balance and offer a comprehensive package to support your well-being and that of your loved ones.

At Rockfeather, we are driven by our passion for data-driven solutions and empowering ambitious individuals. If you are looking for a dynamic and challenging environment where you can thrive as a Support Engineer, Rockfeather is the place for you. We also provide opportunities to buy shares in your team, allowing you to elevate your entrepreneurial aspirations.

We recognize that Rockfeather may not be the right fit for everyone. If you seek a traditional 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. role or aspire to a management-focused career, our organization may not align with your goals. However, if you are passionate about your craft, embrace technology, and aspire to become a data support expert, we invite you to explore this unique opportunity.

If this resonates with you and you are ready to embark on a journey to support and optimize cutting-edge data solutions, we look forward to hearing from you. Please apply with your resume, and let's explore how your expertise can contribute to Rockfeather's mission.

Job requirements

What do you bring to the table?

  • You preferably have a completed Bachelor’s degree within the field of Informatics or Computer Science. But in the end, your skills and attitude make the real difference;
  • You have a minimum of one year of experience as a Support Engineer, preferably with Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure SQL Server and/or TimeXtender;
  • You have experience in at least one of the following areas: setting up cloud-based data pipelines, creating Power BI dashboards, deploying machine learning models or designing a big data infrastructure in the Cloud;
  • You have proven experience with having helped to translate needs into robust data models;
  • Of course, you have good communication skills and a high level of customer and quality awareness;
  • You have experience and knowledge of (relational) databases, data modelling, reports, data warehouses, metadata and ETL;
  • You are familiar with programming languages such as SQL and Python;
  • You are fluent in the Dutch and English languages;
  • You have the flexibility to work and maintain focus in an evolving environment;
  • You like to share knowledge with others, and you’re a team player and networker;
  • You are result-driven and customer-oriented because you own the process and consistently deliver top-notch quality;
  • You like to roll up your sleeves, and you have a talent for spotting new opportunities;
  • You have to reside in the Netherlands

We believe in the power of your skills and attitude to make a real difference in the data engineering domain. Join us, and together, we can continue to deliver exceptional support and innovative solutions to our clients.

Wij zijn Rockfeather. We gebruiken Data Visualisatie, Data Science, Data Engineering en Low-Code technology om slimme oplossingen te maken. Samen met onze klanten creëren we innovatieve oplossingen voor verschillende branches en functies. Dit is hoe we technologie omarmen en mensen in hun kracht zetten.

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