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Internship: Market research - International expansion

Posted 15 Jul 2024
Work experience
0 to 1 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
€600 per month
Degree level
Required languages
English (Good)
Dutch (Fluent)
Duration (minimum)
16 weeks

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At Healthy Workers, we aim to impact the world by reducing office buildings' carbon footprint and energy usage, while guaranteeing perfect indoor climate conditions. Our clients and investors include the largest real estate investors in the world and would like us to grow even faster. Therefore, we are looking for international expansion! To aid this goal, we are looking to fill an (under)graduate internship for Market research + selection of focus countries for expansion (undergraduate/graduate level

The assignment

We have a clear view of the market in the Netherlands, including our competitors, (potential) partners, and technological obstacles for growing our clientele.

We are looking for a student who can create a detailed view of the UK, Belgium, Germany, and Sweden to decide whether those countries are worth considering for our first step abroad and which of those three would be the best to start. But be prepared. You'll also need to look into technical obstacles for our journey, not just a basic competitor analysis!

Healthy Workers is a tech startup with data as the core of our product. If we want to choose the perfect country to start expanding, we need to have a clear view of the technical obstacles. Therefore, your comparison should include the following aspects (besides the usual suspects):

  1. How technologically advanced are buildings in those countries?
  2. Are they already using smart meters for their energy consumption? Or is there a legal requirement for metering companies (such as in the Netherlands)?
  3. What building management systems are used to manage the buildings? Is it a scattered landscape, or are there a few big players?
  4. Are there potential partnerships with local players? To install sensors, smart (sub)meters, and building management system integrations.
  5. Are there (government managed) API’s available for relevant building data? Such as the following databases in the Netherlands: EP-online, EAN Codeboek, BAG Viewer, etc.

The process

As soon as we are matched with each other, we will schedule a meeting to discuss the overall assignment and answer any questions you may have. From that point forward, we will connect you to a core team member at Healthy Workers for daily check-ins and schedule a weekly progress meeting to discuss the status and answer any questions that have arisen during the week. This meeting will be in our office (Rokin, Amsterdam). We encourage you to set up meetings independently with various team members to immerse yourself in our business and gather relevant research data.

The expected timeline for the internship is 6 months, with an average time spent per week of 4 days, with the option of working remotely 1 day a week.

Compensation: monthly internship stipend of EUR600.

What we hope to achieve

The countries mentioned above are all countries where our current clients have buildings. We want to know if those countries are easily accessible, technologically compatible with our services and especially in what country to start. What is the timeline that we can promise our clients that we will be active in those countries and what will it entail?

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