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Research Assistant/Secretarial Support

Posted 15 May 2024
Work experience
1 to 3 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)
26 May 2024 22:00

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Are you an organised, detail-oriented person with an interest in the organisational side of academia? We have the perfect opportunity for you! We are currently seeking a highly motivated and versatile individual to join our research group Governance and Inclusive Development (GID) as an assistant to Professor Joyeeta Gupta.

This is an invitation to be at the heart of academic excellence, contributing to the seamless functioning of the professor's daily activities. As an assistant, you will be a pivotal force in creating an environment that fosters learning, collaboration and the overall success of the multiple projects.

What are you going to do

As an assistant to Professor Gupta you will be the linchpin, providing comprehensive support that goes beyond the ordinary. Your responsibilities will encompass academic support, schedule management, communication liaison, administrative tasks, public relations and technology assistance – a role designed to ensure the smooth functioning of all aspects of the professor's academic work. About 70% of the time is for general administrative tasks and about 30% for administrative research support.

You will/tasks:

  • Public relations (PR) and Communication:

    • Help write and submit press releases; policy briefs and advocacy letters

    • Manage contacts with journalists, NGOs and others, and respond to letters from the public

    • Serve as a primary point of contact for students, PhDs handling inquiries, and providing information on behalf of the professor

    • Communicate effectively with colleagues, university staff, and external partners to facilitate seamless collaboration

  • Schedule and Calendar Management:

    • Coordinate the professor's calendar, schedule appointments and meetings, and ensure timely completion of tasks

    • Coordinate travel arrangements, accommodations and logistics for academic conferences and events, national and international

    • Ensure project management in line with project deliverables, finance and timetables.

  • Structuring Work, Agenda, and Emails:

    • Implement organisational systems to add structure to the professor's work, ensuring clarity and efficiency in task execution

    • Develop and maintain a well-structured agenda, helping the professor stay focused on key priorities and deadlines

    • Assist in structuring and organising emails, categorising and prioritising messages for effective communication and follow-up

    • Manage and respond to emails, ensuring prompt and professional correspondence

    • Maintain website

  • Administrative Tasks:

    • Prepare and format documents, presentations, and reports, maintaining a high level of accuracy and professionalism

    • Assist in organising and maintaining files, records, and databases related to the professor's academic work

    • Handle routine administrative duties, such as photocopying, filing, and managing office supplies

    • Take ownership of more complex administrative tasks, such as grant proposal preparation, manuscript submissions, and regulatory compliance documentation.

    • Supporting the hiring of staff

    • Manage Canvas, the online course management system that supports online learning and teaching

  • Confidentiality and Data Management:

    • Handle confidential information with the utmost discretion, maintaining the privacy and security of sensitive data

    • Manage student records, grades, and research data with precision and attention to detail

  • Technology Assistance:

    • Demonstrate proficiency in using office software, virtual collaboration tools

    • Provide technical support during virtual and in-person classes, ensuring a smooth learning experience

  • Administrative research support:

    • Submit papers to academic journals

    • Find relevant academic literature; summarise some papers

    • Do references for academic papers

    • Collect essays on a global Constitution, put in data base and manage the content.

What do you have to offer

The successful candidate demonstrates flexibility and proactivity, readily adapting to changing circumstances and proactively addressing challenges as they arise. They exhibit strong time management skills, efficiently prioritising tasks to meet deadlines and maintain productivity even in a fast-paced environment. Their ability to swiftly assess situations and allocate resources effectively ensures smooth operations and optimal outcomes.

Education and experience

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree or equivalent experience in a relevant field.

  • Some relevant working experience in the relevant area.

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite and other relevant software applications.

  • Strong attention to detail and organisational abilities.

Desirable skills

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Language requirements: Proficiency in English and Dutch.

  • Organisational skills: Ability to organise meetings/projects, time management, managing/monitoring the expenditure and progress on projects and PhD/master students.

  • Communication skills: Ability to respond to, and manage and prioritise emails, invitations and public relation management.

  • Administrative Skills: Ability to manage projects, in terms of ensuring deadlines are prioritised and met. Ability to undertake document formatting, prepare PowerPoints, and possibly make figures and diagrams.

  • Research skills and support: Ability to conduct quick research, find relevant academic articles, do referencing, uploading articles to academic journals, do database management.

What can we offer you

Ready to embrace a role where your versatility shines? If you're eager to play a vital role in the academic journey and provide all-round support, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

The position concerns temporary employment of 22 hours to 30 hours (3 to 4 days) per week for a maximum term of 4 years – the initial employment is for one year. Following a positive assessment and barring altered circumstances. We will put together a curriculum which will also include the opportunity to attend training courses and both national and international events.

For this position the University Job Classification profile Education and Research Support / Administrative and Secretarial Support applies.

Depending on your experience, the minimum salary is €3.072 and the maximum salary is €4.103 gross per month based on a 38-hour working week, in keeping with salary scale 8, as per the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities.

We additionally offer an extensive package of secondary benefits, including 8% holiday allowance and a year-end bonus of 8.3%.

What else do we offer

Besides the salary and a vibrant and challenging environment at the University of Amsterdam we offer you multiple benefits:

  • An enthusiastic and warm team that is open to new colleagues;

  • 232 holiday hours per year (based on fulltime employment);

  • the possibility to set up a workplace at home;

  • an inspiring academic and international working environment in the heart of Amsterdam;

  • exposure to diverse research projects and collaborations;

  • the UvA offers excellent possibilities for further professional development and education;

  • inclusive and supportive work culture.

Are you curious to read more about our extensive package of secondary employment benefits, take a look here.

About us

The University of Amsterdam is the largest university in the Netherlands, with the broadest spectrum of degree programmes. It is an intellectual hub with 39,000 students, 6,000 employees and 3,000 doctoral students who are all committed to a culture of inquiring minds.

A challenging work environment with a variety of duties and ample scope for individual initiative and development within an inspiring organisation. The Social and Behavioral Sciences play a leading role in addressing the major societal challenges faced by the world, the Netherlands and Amsterdam, now and in the future.

Want to know more about our organisation? Read more about working at the University of Amsterdam.


Do you have any questions, or do you require additional information? Please contact: Prof. Joyeeta Gupta,

Job Application

Do you recognise yourself in the job profile? Then we look forward to receiving your application/motivation letter and resume in one .PDF by 26 May 2024. The job interviews will be held on Monday, June 3rd and Monday, June 10th.

Applications in .pdf should include:

  • a curriculum vitae;

  • a short letter of motivation (max 1 page).

The UvA is an equal-opportunity employer. We prioritise diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone. We value a spirit of enquiry and perseverance, provide the space to keep asking questions, and promote a culture of curiosity and creativity.

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