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Student assignment shock response

Posted 27 Jan 2024
Work experience
0 to 2 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)

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Medical devices are often mobile: either portable or mounted on a trolley . Mostly during transport, these devices are exposed to shocks. For transport outside the hospital (e.g., by train, car, airplane) sometimes the device can be packed to reduce the impact of the shocks, if necessary. For transport inside the hospital, it is often preferable to transport the device without packaging. Examples of shocks are moving the trolley-mounted device over a doorstep or dropping/colliding the device. The design of the device needs to be such that the device survives these shocks.

One method of analyzing shocks and determining severity is called Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) (please read the article). However, shock severity thresholds are based on military standards, and construction methods and safety factors will differ from the way medical devices are designed at Demcon. Besides, this theory is not accepted everywhere, and clear application examples are yet missing.


Each one of our companies differentiates itself in its own domain with unique expertise and skills. This way they help customers improve their performance and achieve more. On the basis of their passion for technology our companies are able to combine forces. By sharing knowledge and working together we increase our social impact. Demcon is a developer and producer of technology and innovative products that contribute to solutions for technical and social problems.


A first student internship assignment was performed where the effect of a shock on a simple cantilever leaf spring was studied by (1) pseudo velocity – stress relationship (2) Ansys SRS analysis (3) Ansys transient analysis and (4) experiment. Follow-up questions are:

  • Extend the existing analyses to a construction that is closer to an actual device construction: is the “pseudo velocity – stress relationship” theory still valid? (e.g. different cross-sections and multiple materials)
  • Comparing different shocks: can we confirm that the shock with the highest pseudo velocity gives the highest stress? And from what level is a shock severe for typical Demcon equipment?
  • What is the effect of an initial load/deformation on the stress due to the shock?
  • How can we perform shock analysis for multiple degree of freedom systems? (e.g. a base unit that is mounted on a trolley with a relatively low eigenfrequency)

The final goal is to find a design approach that ensures shock-resistant constructions without too much over dimensioning.


The following tools are foreseen to be necessary:

  • Matlab + SRS tool
  • CAD modeling package (e.g., Solidworks)
  • FEM or multibody package (e.g., Ansys) for:
  • modal analysis
  • Static structural analysis
  • Transient structural analysis

The following knowledge is required (among others )

  • Successfully completed University Bachelor Mechanical Engineering or similar
  • Can apply the tools named above
  • Understand what is explained in the referenced article (see footnote)
  • Has affinity with dynamics and all research aspects (literature/theory, simulations, testing)


DEMCON offers a dynamic, growing and innovative organization. With our complex projects and multidisciplinary teams we offer you a lot of challenge and variety in this position. Thanks to enthusiastic and dedicated colleagues, our working atmosphere is good, open and informal, with a flat organizational structure.

You will have a regular supervisor who will coach you and all mutual wishes and expectations will be clearly agreed upon before the start of the assignment. Furthermore, the standard working method gives you the opportunity to act, in a motivating working atmosphere, within the team. So you get a good impression of what it is like to be part of the world of DEMCON. And that can be a very good start of your career.


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