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Afstudeerstage Valuations

  • Type Internship
  • Degree Master
  • Location Amsterdam, NetherlandsThomas R. Malthusstraat 5AmsterdamNLAmsterdam1066 JR
  • Posted
  • Start date
  • Deadline -
  • INTERNFinanceFinance & banking

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  • You are a Master’s student in a financial, economic or technical discipline. Relevant courses in the area of valuations and/or corporate finance are preferred;
  • You have above average marks and relevant side activities on your CV;
  • You possess drive, creativity and a sharp mind;
  • You are flexible and have the communication skills to function effectively in a team and relate to the client;
  • You are available for approximately six months (at least four days per week).

  • Fairness opinions with respect to mergers and acquisitions;

  • Valuation of business units and intangible assets for the purposes of IFRS;
  • Determining strategy;
  • Scenario analysis;
  • Valuation of financial instruments;
  • Valuations for legal and arbitration proceedings. 

  • What is an honest acquisition price?

  • How do you translate analysis into advice?
  • What is a brand name worth?
  • How do you determine an enterprise’s cost of capital?
  • When is uncertainty valuable?
  • How risky is synergy?
  • Where does goodwill originate and what does it signify?
  • How do you view the strategy behind the figures?
  • How do economic circumstances influence an enterprise’s value?
  • What negotiation points are there from the financial/valuation perspective?

  • The possibility to write your thesis in September for three months and to work on projects for another three months;

  • You will receive active support when searching for a relevant topic and writing your thesis;
  • A generous internship allowance.

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