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CRO Specialist

Posted 25 Jan 2023
Work experience
1 to 3 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
€3,100 - €4,400 per month
Degree level
Required languages
English (Fluent)
Dutch (Fluent)

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Als CRO specialist / webanalist bij het Ziggo Local cluster ben je dé autoriteit op het gebied van experimenteren. Hierbij ligt je focus op het aantrekken van nieuwe klanten door het optimaliseren van de lokale marketing formule en de bijbehorende customer journeys. In een dynamische agile werkomgeving werk je binnen een multidisciplinair team met Marketeers, Digital Marketeers, Developers, Editors en de Product Owner. Daarnaast versterk je de winnaar van de Experimentation Culture Awards en spar je dagelijks met meer dan 10 andere CRO-specialisten.

Is this you?

Skills that will come in handy in this job.

  • You're analytically minded. Main or side issue? You see the difference at once. You get to the heart of matters with ease while maintaining an overall view.
  • You're innovative. Hello, early adopter! You're abreast of all the latest developments that are important to your work.
  • You're customer focused. If the customer is happy, you're happy. You ask the right questions, listen carefully and keep going until the problem at hand has been resolved.
  • You're entrepreneurial. You have a keen eye for business opportunities and the prowess to seize them.
  • You always find a solution. You're never one to shirk problems. You investigate them thoroughly and have a knack for exposing possible causes. 'Look before you leap' is one of your favourite maxims.
  • You thrive on success. You know what you want, how to find it and give it your all to get it. Struggling? You don't give up and step up your efforts.

What we offer

You give your best every day, because it makes you happy – and because of these benefits. At VodafoneZiggo a fulltime job starts from 32 hours. It is up to you! Based on a 40-hour working week, you can count on:

  • Gross monthly salary of between € 3.100 and € 4.400 - with growth potential.
  • A Benefit Budget of 14.95% (incl. holiday allowance) on top of your gross salary. Have it paid out, use it to buy extra holiday days or save it up for something nice - it's up to you.
  • NS-Business Card of your choice. Travel first class for business and pleasure for free.
  • The option of working from home 2 or 3 days a week.
  • Unlimited Learning: unlimited access to thousands of courses and workshops.
  • Annual bonus based on overall company performance.
  • A phone with a Vodafone plan. For personal use, too.
  • A pension scheme with additional savings options.
  • Tax deductions on expenses such as childcare and sports memberships.
  • Very good (financial) arrangements. In the unfortunate event of becoming incapacitated, for instance.

What you bring to the job

  • Een afgeronde HBO/WO opleiding (bij voorkeur Commerciële Economie, Bedrijfskunde, Marketing, Psychologie of vergelijkbaar);
  • 1+ jaar ervaring in het werken bij een organisatie met een volwassen testprogramma of bij een bureau, idealiter in e-commerce, met aanzienlijke praktijkervaring met experimenteren;
  • Je hebt ervaring met stakeholder management;
  • Je bent in staat om het team te enthousiasmeren en samenwerking te bevorderen;
  • Aantoonbare ervaring met het zelf uitvoeren van A/B-testen, web analyse en kwalitatief onderzoek.
  • Naast Google Analytics kun je ook overweg met heatmap/screenrecording tools, survey / feedback oplossingen en A/B-test software (meet- en analyse kant);
  • Je hebt basiskennis van HTML / CSS / JavaScript;
  • Ervaring met SQL, SEO en Online Marketing is een pre;
  • Je hebt sterke communicatieve vaardigheden en vindt het leuk om voor een groep mensen je kennis en ideeën te presenteren;
  • Het zou mooi zijn als je ervaring hebt met scrum en agile werken;
  • Je beheerst de Nederlandse en Engelse taal in woord en geschrift.

VodafoneZiggo connects millions of people and organizations. We believe in creating progress and enjoyment with every connection, every day. We want to encourage positive change with 8,000 colleagues. This is not an easy task. And that’s what makes it so much fun. The world of digital communication is fascinating. There are endless possibilities and expectations. This requires people who feel comfortable with complex questions. Who are happy to take on any challenge.
Enjoy the challenge!

Active in 1 country
7,500 employees
70% men - 30% women
Average age is 1 years