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Scrum Master Data Center

Posted 24 Nov 2022
Work experience
1 to 3 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
English (Fluent)

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Within Foundation4Tech there are 2 departments to manage the network services of Rabobank. One of these departments is Data Center Networks. This department develops, delivers and innovates towards a stable, high quality, secure and cost-efficient 24x7 global networking environment for Rabobank’s global business.

The scope is Data Center Networks (e.g. all network services within global Data Centers, Global WAN and Trading Networks), Global Advanced Threat Prevention and Firewall Management (e.g. Security analytics, Firewall management) and Generic Network Services (Network tooling, Global IP Address Management & Secure Domain Name System (DNS), Time servers).

The change agenda is extensive: increased focus on global cyber threat mitigation, Network migration to support the cloud strategy for Rabobank, security and compliancy by design implemented on global level, designing and engineering standardized secure network services on global level and decommissioning legacy services.

Data Center Networks is organized in several Agile teams that make sure those services are in the best shape both on-premise and in the cloud. The Scrum Master will be responsible for the effectiveness and maturity of the Agile way of working within the teams.

You and your job

You will be responsible for supporting several self-organizing teams, facilitating the scrum process using agile/scrum methodology, managing the exchange of information, help removing impediments to progress and assessing and coaching the scrum team to improve on efficiency. You will support the Product Owners and managers in executing according to the product backlog and will be dedicated to maintaining a healthy and creative development process to both run and change our network services.

You create and stimulate good open communication in the team and stakeholders to eliminate bottlenecks or dependencies. You organize scrum meetings and enable your teams to grow in Sprints. You facilitate an appreciative inquiry method, make sure this becomes part of the ‘daily’ routine. The Scrum Master ensures all conditions are met so that a team can optimally perform, meaning that teams take ownership of their delivery objectives as well as their Agile Journey. The work of the scrum master is always based on the principle of self-organization of the team first.

Practical Examples

  • Making sure our teams deliver the most business value in both continuity and change
  • Solve impediments with your teams
  • Continuously improve the agile way of working

Facts & Figures

  • 36 hours per week
  • 43,822 Rabobank colleagues around the world

Top responsibilities

  • Coaching team members into a mature agile way of working, give constructive feedback so people are able to develop themselves and align with stakeholders like product owners, managers, service owners;
  • Organizing scrum meetings, including sprint planning, sprint reviews, retrospectives, demos and stand-ups, including continuity tasks;
  • Being the contact for the team regarding all Agile questions, maintaining scrum tools and find the best way to combine daily operation and change.

Together we achieve more than alone

We believe in the power of difference. Bringing together people's differences is what makes us an even better bank. So we are very curious about what you can bring to our team at E&ET Foundation4Tech Data Center Networks.

The approximately 60 people in Data Center Networks make sure our bank is always on. Working together is the way we work; as 1 purposeful team at Rabobank. Talking of Rabobank: We are a Dutch bank that operates in 38 countries for over 9,500,000 customers. Together with these customers, our members and partners we stand side by side to create a world in which everyone has access to enough healthy food. In the Netherlands we work to create a country in which people are happy with how they live, work and do business.

You and your talent


  • Intellectual ability and/or work experience on Bachelor/Master level
  • Scrum Master certification
  • Experience in a Scrum Master role
  • Solid skills and knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continuous improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency


  • Focus on results
  • Coaching with impact
  • Collaboration
  • Communication skills

This is what we offer you

  • up to € 5.437,98 gross per month (scale 9)
  • Thirteenth month's salary and 8% holiday allowance
  • an extra budget of 11% of your gross monthly salary to be used at your discretion. Buy extra holiday hours, add more to your pension savings or ask for part of the extra budget to be paid out.
  • The possibility to order working from home facilities (desk, chair and screen) and a monthly home working allowance of up to € 40-
  • a personal development budget of € 1,400-
  • a combination of working from home and at the office
  • 100% reimbursement of commuting costs if you travel by public transport
  • A pension scheme to which you contribute 3.5%
  • 151.2 hours holiday per year

This is a selection of the terms of employment for a scrum master based on a 36-hour working week. You can find all terms of employment on

Rabobank is a bank that works for its customers and members. We are one of the largest financial institutions in the world, but we're still very involved at the local level. Our goal is to help customers achieve their goals. In addition, we aim to make a substantial contribution to the well-being and prosperity of people in the Netherlands and to a sustainable global food supply. We are a bank with cooperative roots. Everything we do, we do together.

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