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Business Development Stage

Posted 22 Nov 2022
Work experience
0 to 10 years
Full-time / part-time
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)

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Do you want your internship to have a positive impact on our healthcare system and not end up in some drawer?

SLAM ORTHO develops sensor technology to support trauma surgeons (our company was founded by one) while operating on patients with fractures, i.e., osteosynthesis procedures. For these procedures it is important they place the right length screw implant. Currently, this is a separate measurement step that is often inaccurate, resulting in the wrong implant being selected. For example, patients with broken wrists have a 10% chance to experience complications after a procedure. The innovative sensor technology of SLAM Ortho gathers data during the drilling in bone and immediately informs the trauma surgeons of the correct needed implant length. This means shorter OR durations, improved surgeon workflow and better patient outcomes.

But developing innovative technology alone is not enough; how will hospitals buy the device, who is involved in decision making, what are their interests and how can we tailor our proposition accordingly? That’s where you come in.


We are looking for a Business Administration / Economics intern to help us answer the questions above. You will be involved in:

- Creating a deep understanding of how hospital decision making works and what stakeholders are involved in the purchase of medical devices

- Have conversations with key decision makers, industry experts, medical device companies and clinicians

- Validating these insights and business cases with theory and available information

- Translate these requirements into a market access plan and improve our proposition and business model


- BSc./MSc. student in Business Administration / Economic

- Entrepreneurial mindset, you can combine an academic mindset with a hands-on mentality

- Self-reliant and driven personality that takes the initiative

- Likes to work full-time on this project


A challenging project with a lot of responsibility and a monthly compensation. You will work in our office in the YES!Delft incubator and experience what it is to work in a startup. We are an ambitious and diverse team with experience in the medical field, engineering and data analytics. As a student you will be part of the team and will be actively supported in your skills- and personal development. Besides work we also have Friday drinks (on us) and team activities.

Ons doel is om chirurgen te ondersteunen tijdens het opereren met slimme nieuwe technologie, waarmee zij de patiënten de beste zorg kunnen geven.
De focus van SLAM Ortho ligt op de operaties waar botbreuken behandeld worden. Wij zijn een sensorsysteem aan het ontwikkelen wat de chirurg helpt de optimale implantaten te plaatsen.
Dit systeem is nog in ontwikkeling in samenwerking met de toekomstige gebruikers in het ziekenhuis, en jij kan ons helpen om de zorg van morgen nog beter te maken!

Active in 1 country
7 employees
70% men - 30% women
Average age is 27 years