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Test Engineer

Posted 21 Nov 2022
Work experience
0 to 2 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)

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At Eli5 we are in search of a Test Engineer, who’s excited to work on the robustness of our software products. As a Test Engineer you will be working with the development team to ensure our company's output meets requirements, is robust, and free of bugs.

Playing a key role within the development of our software products

As a Test Engineer you are involved in the development trajectories and implementation of our software products. You're in charge of the definition, creation, and execution of tests that ensure the software products developed by our in-house development team meet their requirements, are robust and efficient, and free of bugs. Your role is ensuring our output is of world class quality and if there are things that need to be solved, you ensure our development team is notified about this.

You will be responsible for:

  • Setting up, documenting, and executing a testing strategy;
  • Understanding product requirements and the implication of this on testing strategy;
  • Delivering clear documentation for your software tests for other test engineers and developers; and
  • Creating test reports for the development team and if needed, include actionable insights for the developers to improve the code.

The essential stuff:

  • You have proven experience in software testing and the creation of test cases for software products;
  • You're excited about improving software and processes;
  • You speak and write fluently in English;
  • You possess a curious and analytical mindset;
  • You can read and understand code;
  • You're experienced with testing tools such as Selenium, Postman, and Squish;
  • You have a big passion for building, growing, launching, and scaling digital products and services;
  • You have a self-motivated, independent, and problem solving mindset;
  • A flexible mentality and a genuine desire to ensure the quality of your team’s output;
  • An organized and self-motivated approach, with a strong attention to detail and the ability to work efficiently to meet both short and long-term deadlines;

Scoring bonus points with:

  • Experienced with design software such as Figma and Sketch;
  • Knowledge of front-end development. Preferably Javascript based frameworks Vue.js and React (Native);
  • Knowledge of back-end development. Preferably Laravel, Flask, and Node;
  • Experienced with building a startup or any other entrepreneurial activities; and
  • Experienced in communicating and presenting to both clients and internal teams.


  • We get you the devices you need to do your work
  • You decide when you go on a holiday
  • A homemade lunch with the team every day
  • Be responsible for your own work
  • Every Friday we have our Eli5pm gathering
  • A humble and cosy city center office
  • Attend or speak at tech events around the world
  • Work for both startups and large companies
  • Work from home, our office, or anywhere you want
  • During the year we co-organise several Eli5 get-aways
  • Get a gym membership on our expenses
  • Get a budget to keep learning new things

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