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Senior Admissions Consultant / Director

Posted 7 Nov 2022
Work experience
0 to 2 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)

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The Role

We’re looking for experienced MBA admissions consultants to work with applicants to top MBA programs.

You should have a demonstrated track record of success advising applicants to Top 10 MBA programs and be ready to share testimonials and work samples.

This position can be performed remotely, or at our office just outside Amsterdam, NL (we can sponsor your work eligibility). This job should be your primary focus, but can happily co-exist with other part-time commitments.

Outside the busy season working with clients, there is also the opportunity to be hired for business tasks that fit your strengths and interests, such as:

  • Working on our client-facing materials
  • Supporting our marketing efforts
  • Doing business development with employers
  • Helping us to conduct fundamental research on schools

A few reasons you might want to work with us are described below.

Interested? Write in inviolable secrecy to me, David White, at to start a discussion about this role.

Email David

Are you an experienced MBA admissions consultant who wants to focus on high-impact 1:1 coaching moments with your clients—not low-level project management and administration?

We’ve spent years building a system that delegates away the “busy work” of consulting:

  • Our MBA application platform tracks client progress across every task, automatically. See a demo here.
  • It also educates applicants on basic topics using convenient on-demand videos. Say goodbye to repetitive calls in which you cover basic topics.
  • Finally, you’ll be supported by multiple, full-time professionals on our sales and operations team who handle pre-screening of client inquiries, project management, proofreading, and other tasks, giving you more time to spend on strategic advice.

Do you want to work with a sane client load?

We charge more, allowing you to make a good income without taking on a crazy number of clients.

Do you want to work with deserving clients who appreciate you and your work?

Our marketing process generates more inquiries than we can serve, giving us the power to select applicants who are accomplished, realistic, and coachable.

Although many of our clients come from top investment banking, consulting, and private equity firms and achieve admission to HSW, we politely decline to work with anyone who believes that a prestigious employer guarantees them admission to a top MBA program. We choose to work with applicants who respect the process and their consultant and who want to work hard to maximize their chances.

This doesn’t mean we work only with elite applicants—far from it. We’ve worked successfully with applicants who have failed out of college, been convicted of crimes, or faced unemployment. Our aim is always to provide balanced, honest feedback to applicants about their chances—no matter their profile.

Do you want to focus on the client’s best interest rather than “generating revenue”?

Some MBA admissions consulting firms track your “sales conversion rate” on free consultations. We don’t. Though our sales team always checks personal alignment before introducing a prospective client, a free consultation carries no further obligation: we want to work with the right clients, and are happy to decline some opportunities in order to secure a book of clients who will achieve great results and a positive relationship with you.

Are you a one-person shop, but you’d rather work with clients than run a business? Do you hate selling, marketing, writing contracts, collecting invoices, and the rest?

We invested more than $100k last year to improve our back-end systems, which include a one-click onboarding process for new clients and a research team that handles tedious-but-necessary tasks like sourcing essay and recommender questions directly from the school applications.

Founded in 2012, Menlo Coaching helps applicants apply to top MBA programs. We provide intensive coaching with writing the essays and advise on all other parts of the MBA application. Our personal approach makes the application process less painful and maximizes applicants' chances of being admitted to the program of their choice, and our collaborative team environment means that we are rapidly growing and expanding!

Active in 3 countries
13 employees
40% men - 60% women
Average age is 31 years