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Kotlin Developer

Posted 29 Oct 2022
Work experience
2 to 5 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
€60,000 - €85,000 per month
Degree level
Required language
English (Fluent)

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Help us build the future of healthcare.

At Quin, we build purposeful code. Code that powers an AI-driven app that lets users identify health issues, and ‘automagically’ connect with medical professionals who can instantly assess symptoms.

To make that happen at scale, each line of code needs to be robust, resilient, and resistant to the dubious charms of the black hat community. A challenging mission, for sure, but one that will elevate you twofold: to the AWS cloud and in your parents’ esteem. After all, simplifying and personalizing healthcare may just be the job they hoped you’d land, instead of becoming a cog in some large and un-punny corporate entity. 😉

Are you a seasoned Java Engineer looking for the Kotlin EXIT? Or a Kotlin pro who’s into meaningful projects? Code your way to a healthier future!

Your operating theater.

As a Kotlin Developer, you’ll join one of our end-to-end squads, where you’ll team up with front-end counterparts, QA professionals, UX aficionados, and the product owner. A scaleup setting that is devoid of red tape, so venturing into, say, front-end territory is definitely an option. As is contributing to the broader back-end chapter, and shooting the breeze with members of our medical and data science communities.

As Back End Engineer, you…

  • Ideate and develop a robust, secure, and scalable back-end environment
  • Claim ownership over all solutions you contribute to, provide teammates with feedback on their coding efforts and smile benignly to all who reciprocate
  • Hone your Kotlin and Spring Boot skills while you build purposeful code
  • Set your inner Frank Lloyd Wright free by discussing architectural topics with fellow developers
  • Experiment happily ever after, e.g., by contributing to front-end projects
  • Inspire us with your AWS and container knowledge. And/or vice versa.

As a Kotlin Developer, you’ll work on code that enables and enhances our app and platform. E.g., code that helps us map and constantly refine care pathways, so the app not only knows the difference between the lesser and the greater trochanter but also guides patients through the medical process, so they get the help they need, when they need it. You’ll build in Kotlin (yes, we can get you up to speed or even certified in no time flat) but Spring Boot and Java skills will come in handy too. Additionally, we are cloud natives (and just as cute as your average cherub), so AWS will become your second home. While you’re a member of the back-end chapter, the team works end-to-end. Do you want to assist front-enders, help out UX and QA colleagues and/or give demos to medical professionals and data scientists? Be our guest!

How you make us better.

By injecting the team with a healthy dose of Java and/or Kotlin experience. If you can’t wield Kotlin with surgical precision yet, no worries, we’ve got you covered on that front as well. And a little AWS knowledge would go a long way towards maximizing your impact. But above all, we value general coding prowess and an open, inquisitive, cooperative mindset!

If you have experience with:

  • Software development experience, in either Kotlin or Java
  • You want to actively contribute to our back-end chapter, e.g., by sharing with colleagues, contributing to tech talks, et cetera
  • If your first association when you hear ‘container’ isn’t a shipping container, that would be a big plus
  • We award bonus points for affinity with AI, healthcare, and medical technology
  • You’re an all-inclusive person: being part of an end-to-end squad appeals to you

...then this job is right for you!

What will you get from us?

We hope the opportunity to future-proof healthcare with us gets your adrenaline pumping. That’s what makes your colleagues tick. Speaking of which, you’ll work with talented, international teammates who are always happy to bounce ideas off each other, so learning from peers is a given. We accelerate the learning curve through our (buzz incoming) career development program, which helps you plot the optimal Quin course and empowers you to reach personal goals quicker. As for the nitty-gritty: we ‘inject’ your checking account with a gross salary between €60-€85k per year depending on seniority.

We support flexibility and work life balance, and offer a hybrid work environment. 60/40 is what we aim for. But given our prime location (the former Netflix building), you may find yourself gravitating towards HQ more often. If only to challenge a colleague in our gaming room, grab a meal in our cafeteria, participate in bootcamps, join our regular learning sessions and lunch lectures. Last but not least, relocation assistance from start to finish.

We are developing the world’s first AI-based healthcare support app. Our digital platform helps identify health issues quickly and empowers users to get the right medical care at the right time. Our platform is built from the ground up - with emphasis on simplicity and a great user experience - in close cooperation with international software and medical experts.

Active in 3 countries
80 employees
60% men - 40% women
Average age is 30 years