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Cloud Engineering Lead (GCP/AWS)

Posted 4 Oct 2022
Work experience
1 to 5 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
English (Fluent)

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Your role

As our Cloud Engineering Lead, you will join our core team and become responsible for training, coaching and mentoring the group of young professionals. In practice, that means you'll spend one day a week training the young professionals on topics like system design, DevOps and SRE principles, CI/CD and release engineering, Container orchestration, Networking and security and many others. You will own our Cloud Engineering curriculum, so you'll have a lot of freedom in tailoring it as you see fit.

We believe that the best training is based on real-world experience. That's why you'll have two to three days per week to work hands-on with a client. The other days of the week, you can spend on developing new training material, assessing and onboarding new hires.

About you

You probably have a software engineering background with experience on at least one public cloud platform (AWS, GCP and/or Azure). You designed and built systems on this cloud by leveraging modern tools and principles, and you've developed a strong vision of the domain. You know the mistakes novices in the field make and are motivated to help them avoid those.

In an ideal world, you also have experience training others, but this is by no means a prerequisite. We have experienced trainers who can help you get started and a generous training budget to develop this skill further.

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