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Senior DevOps Engineer

Posted 30 Jun 2022
Work experience
5 to 10 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)

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We are an International Tech Scale-Up, based in Hilversum, the Netherlands, that is working on a next-generation observability product with an international team.

We are on a mission to ease the complexities of running and evolving the digital enterprise and offer a platform that acts as the central nervous system of large-scale complex IT environments. We have created a new division that will focus on developing our SaaS platform and need the help of a Senior DevOps automation engineer with enthusiasm for building new applications on AWS and Kubernetes and who wants to be a part of a company that offers a platform acting as the central nervous system of any IT landscape that enables human and artificial intelligence, automation and collaboration.

What you will do:

  • Taking current on-prem solution to a SAAS based solution
  • Provide input into the newly created, but still developing SaaS platform
  • Help board the first customers onto our SaaS platform and solve growth issues
  • In addition to building the new SaaS hosting platform for our product, you will also help improve our development infrastructure

What we require:

  • 5+ years of production experience as a Senior DevOps automation engineer
  • 2+ years of production experience with Kubernetes
  • 4+ years experience with AWS
  • Knowledge of development practices methodologies and tools, specifically, Scrum
  • Knowledge of DevOps, software development lifecycle
  • Experience working in a start-up environment
  • Experience with tools such as Helm and Terraform is a pre
  • Experience with OpenShift is a plus

What we offer:

  • A full-time role in a continuously growing, fun team, where remote team members are first-class citizens
  • Work closely together with very solid and seasoned engineers with skills ranging from DevOps automation to artificial intelligence
  • Competitive salary depending on skills and interview process

StackState is a topology-based observability platform. We have built the world’s only high-performance versioned graph database that tracks the ever-changing relationships between components in dynamic topologies. With this one-of-a-kind information asset at their fingertips, our customers quickly cut through the noise of endless alerts to find, fix, and prevent the underlying causes of performance and stability issues in any environment – container-based, cloud-native, and hybrid.

Active in 2 countries
60 employees
60% men - 40% women
Average age is 35 years