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Engineering Manager

Posted 25 Jun 2022
Work experience
3 to 5 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)

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What you can expect from the work

  • You'll be managing engineers of one or two cross-functional product development teams, that include backend, frontend, and mobile engineers.
  • You coach people and teams and train them through continuous feedback, so they grow personally and professionally.
  • You ensure our daily operations are up to the task, by ensuring we maintain proper triage, on-call, monitoring, reporting, et cetera.
  • You make sure there is proper alignment across teams in terms of release management and quality.
  • Together with product management, you’ll be working together to set a roadmap, and creating and executing on team objectives.
  • You work together with the team to create the best product possible for our users, and you make sure that we have fun along the way. You make sure we maintain a strong engineering culture.
  • As we are now introducing a clear split between individual contributors and managers, the engineering manager role is quite new. Therefore, you’ll play an important role in defining the role and building a great team of other engineering managers.

About you

  • 3+ years of relevant engineering work experience and 2+ years of technical management experience.
  • Experience building strong engineering teams from multiple disciplines (backend, frontend, and mobile).
  • You know how it is to be involved in setting (technical) roadmaps and product strategy.
  • You’re passionate about helping to grow and improve TicketSwap.

TicketSwap Perks & Benefits

At TicketSwap we don't only care about a competitive salary. We want you to be happy and healthy and get the best result possible, every single day! That's why we're offering a range of perks and benefits that we hope will help you reach all your goals and ambitions in life and enjoy every moment in and around the office

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