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Marketing Stage (Internship)

Posted 17 Jul 2022
Work experience
0 to 2 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required languages
English (Good)
Dutch (Fluent)

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Jouw skills op het gebied van marketing en communicatie dragen in grote mate bij aan de ontwikkeling van Actuals, van start-up naar scale-up.

Je werkt actief aan het in kaart brengen en vastleggen van de ideale Actuals klanten / gebruikers / prospects.


  • Ophalen content (bijv. client cases bij klanten, interessante topics online)
  • Bijdragen aan of zelf opzetten van bepaalde vormen van contentcreatie (bijv. LinkedIn posts, client cases, two-pagers, blogs, persberichten)
  • Opstellen en uitvoeren van een marketing en communicatie “kalender”

We are a young and fast growing Dutch company operating in the software-for-scale-ups space. We desing, develop, sell and support software for finance and control teams of companies dat deal with large volumes of transactions and have a need to optimize their processess around: accounting, audit, control, compliance and assurance.
in a typical month, our software processess over 100.000.000 transactions for our clients.

Finance & banking
Active in 1 country
8 employees
80% men - 20% women
Average age is 32 years

What employees are saying


Technical Consultant


One of the things I like the most here at Actuals is the guidance you get as a young professional or student. Solving the puzzles together – as equals, makes me feel very much at home.