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Content Marketing Traineeship (Bilingual)

Posted 28 Jun 2022
Work experience
0 to 2 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)

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The Content Marketing Traineeship is an international oriented program for ambitious marketing (pre-)graduates. For a period of 20 weeks, you (together with 1-2 others) will be working at our national (Veghel) and international (Amsterdam) headquarter where you will work together with a young and dynamic marketing team which will guide you in your development of becoming an entrepreneurial marketer. For this position, we are looking for candidates who are fluent in either French, German, English, Dutch, Austrian, Chinese or Polish language.

Why should I join this traineeship?

Let us explain. Our organizational focus is on cross-border disputes and debt recoveries B2B. Our core value at Bierens is justice. We want to bring justice for our creditors. Bierens strongly believes that it is unfair that companies are not paying after receiving goods or services.

Bierens is the leading company in the marketing domain among law firms and debt collection agencies. We have multiple offices and branches throughout Europe, in New York and in Shanghai. Since the day we were founded in 1952, our start-up mindset is ingrained in our organizational DNA. We consider ourselves as a young dynamic and tech-oriented organization. Since marketing is a crucial pillar of our growth model, it holds a key position in our business strategy.

Bierens has transformed its marketing department to become industry-leading. Every day 8 marketing professionals are actively striving for the best customer experience both on- and offline.

Result? Last year the marketing department generated over 8000 leads and 1300 new clients!

In close collaboration with these top professionals, you will generate business and create authority for our lawyers within a new market segment.

What does the traineeship entail?

A brief outline of the program

First month (Research Phase)

  • Introduction Bierens IT-systems
  • Introduction marketing(team) Bierens
  • Getting to know our key services (international debt collection, dispute resolution, bankruptcy)
  • Online competitive local analysis
  • Training: Best Practices
  • Search Engine Optimization Training 1 (SEO)
  • Start Content Guide

Second month (Foundation + Content Marketing

  • Surprise event
  • Search Engine Optimization Training 2 (SEO)
  • Review platform by specialists SEA-campaigns

Third month (Localization + Online Marketing)

  • Review platform by specialists
  • Testing SEA-campaigns

Fourth month (Campaign)

Fifth month (Sales + Connecting to Legal)

  • Weapons of Influence training

When does the traineeship start and what is the goal?

Every year Bierens recruits multiple trainees throughout the year. All trainees will be working together (in Veghel) and have both individual and group objectives. Our offices in Amsterdam and Veghel Bierens currently employ more than 115 (inter)national professionals 20+ different European countries which will create the opportunity for you to collaborate international knowledge. Furthermore, Bierens employs several professionals that will train and coach you to develop commercial and business skills. In addition, we can assist you in your relocation process.

I think I might actually apply. Could you try to convince me one last time?

The list of benefits is endless, but just to make you more enthusiastic than you hopefully already are: with this traineeship you can optimize your marketing skills and entrepreneurial mindset, meet and collaborate with a whole lot of new international people from all over Europe, and be part of the inspirational work environment, but most importantly, kickstart your career! What are you waiting for?!

We are a young firm focused on growth and innovation. By enabling our companies to tomorrow’s technologies and working methods we are designing and creating sustainable growth.
Our mission is to realize the full potential of technology for our firms – online marketing to share our services in the world, big data and AI to optimize our companies processes and design to make our services fun.

Marketing & communication
Active in 1 country
15 employees
50% men - 50% women
Average age is 32 years