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AFS Energy Traineeship – Junior Energy Sales Trader

Posted 22 Jul 2022
Work experience
0 to 2 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
English (Fluent)
1 Feb 2023 00:00

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Job Description

We are always on a mission to make our ideas, products, and opportunities an incredible success. For our Energy team, we are currently looking for a (Junior) Sales Trader – Special Products. The team consists of a group of ambitious and highly motivated brokers and analysts that are continuously looking for new products, markets, deal opportunities and advisory services within the realm of sustainability to better support our clients and prospects. Our team is also involved in the more complex transactions such as product swaps, (corporate) energy purchase contracts and cross border trading. What we do is create products and solutions which enable companies to comply with sustainability regulations or voluntarily engage with renewable commodities. Doing so, we add value to companies all around Europe that are involved in renewable energy; and we are proud of it!

As Energy Trainee it is your job to proactively take place within the renewable commodities market. During the traineeship we provide you the tools to orientate, investigate and familiarize yourself within the energy market. You will be given presentations, business cases and will be closely involved with our brokers to learn to understand the energy market mechanisms and how to trade our products in the market. You will be introduced with all the teams and colleagues on the trading floor but will also partake in out-of-office activities such as excursions to wind-turbine parks, biogas facilities or fun activities throughout the city of Amsterdam. It is our goal to invest time and effort in your knowledge of our operations, people, and culture. We thrive on close cooperation within teams, but also see strength in cross-selling, which is why we want to educate our trainees in every aspect of the market.

During your traineeship, we will guide through your development process and you will be linked with a ‘buddy’ who will focus on your progress, helps you with personal circumstances and acts as a confidant. Furthermore, your buddy will help you to explore our organization best. In the end, we want you to find the best place to start your career within our department, but we depend on you to fully explore the options. Ultimately, you will have found your favourite team and place, whilst having gained knowledge in every market and you are ready to start your career with a kickstart in our fast-growing organization.

What we expect

· You are full of ambition and drive and are passionate to succeed

· You want to be the best; scouting for new opportunities is your passion

· You translate market developments into impact for our clients

· You are eager and curious to learn about our products

· You want to be the best; negotiation is your middle name and will never give up until you succeed

· You are eager and curious to learn about the products that drive sustainability in the corporate world

· You are a serious sparring partner and expert for both your teammates as our clients

· You are a solid colleague who values the team’s interest as high as his own

· You preferably have (some) understanding of- or affinity with the renewable energy market

· Bachelor’s degree or higher

· The more languages you speak, the better, but other than English this is not a hard criterion

· You’re a blast to work with

What we offer:

The Energy department has extensive experience in consulting and trading in the different renewable energy markets across Europe. Our young and rapidly growing desk helps organizations to achieve their sustainability objectives related to carbon emissions, renewable energy, energy efficiency, biogas and biofuels and assists clients in realizing their renewable energy projects.

Are you eager to learn and kickstart your career within our organization? Then our traineeship is perfect for you. After your traineeship you can still expect full guidance from us and we will help you learn new skills through training, coaching from seniors and also have budget available for further education, certifications, or personal development goals. In sum, we offer:

· Working in an awesome, ambitious, and driven high-performing team

· Energetic and friendly colleagues from all over the world

· A versatile full-time position in a fast growing and professional organization

· One of the most interesting work environments in Amsterdam: the old trading floor of the historical Amsterdam Stock Exchange

· Remuneration with a significant bonus structure and multiple training possibilities

· Access to our extensive online learning platform for your personal development (e.g., languages, personal leadership and more!)

· 27 holidays per calendar year

· NS Business card (depending on your residence)

· Free inhouse fitness

· A variety of activities with the team

· Beers on a Friday

AFS Group is active as a broker in Renewable Energy, Derivatives, Fixed Income and Interest Rates products. Are you highly interested in the Renewable, Financial and/or Capital Markets and would you like to support and advice clients with your knowledge? Working at AFS means hard work, ambition and effort to achieve anything. We help you to be successful in your career.

Finance & banking
Active in 4 countries
100 employees
70% men - 30% women
Average age is 30 years

What employees are saying

Fabio Pullara

Sales Trader Energy Desk

Fabio Pullara

My name is Fabio (Italian, 29) and I am a Sales Trader at AFS Energy.
I love working in a dynamic and international environment where everyday feels like a new adventure, I learn something new and I never get bored. The renewable energy is booming these years.

Sander Paijmans

Junior Broker Fixed Income (former trainee)

Sander Paijmans

Via last years AFS Group Traineeship I've learned a lot about all the different departments and possibilities within AFS. The Traineeship combined theory and practical skills and I've worked closely with other trainees. My choice for AFS Group is well motivated because of all the insights I've had.