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Full stack software engineer

Posted 27 Sep 2022
Work experience
5 to 8 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
€4,000 - €5,500 per month
Degree level
Required language
English (Fluent)

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It’s's mission to make it easier to find a job you love or the talent you need. That’s why we have built the platform that you are using right now, and hopefully like just as much as we do! But we can do much better still. That’s why we are looking for a curious, ambitious, skillful and experienced product designer to help us grow far beyond the nearly 300,000 job seekers and more than 5,000 companies on right now.

Helping people land their dream job is something that excites us, but so does our amazing product and culture, full of (in all modesty) absolute gems like:

  • We move fast and experiment with a lot of different technologies and interfaces.
  • Passionate people and challenging projects to learn from.
  • Responsibility and autonomy, combined with frequent feedback from your colleagues, will allow you to keep developing yourself.
  • A great penthouse office in Rotterdam, with the freedom to work (fully) remotely post corona too.
  • Friday drinks and a lot of fun!

To facilitate our current growth and our future ambitions we are extending our existing Product team with you; a full stack software engineer! As a full stack software engineer you’ll be able to quickly make an impact in any of the services which power, whether it’s frontend or backend code. Perhaps you’ll even touch upon our operations side too!

About you

  • You have at least 5 years of professional software development skills, preferably in Java.
  • You are experienced with medium to large scale React applications.
  • You have the analytical skills and a structured approach required to design our services.
  • You are an excellent communicator in English, both verbally and written.
  • You can work independently so you can manage your own projects, for which you’ll be the Problem owner.
  • You like working in a fast-paced Product team.
  • You like to improve the skills of any of your teammates and like to learn more yourself as well.

Our technology stack's backend runs as a Java-based microservice architecture, which communicates with each other using REST-based HTTP clients, and a Kafka message bus. In the frontend we've recently completed a migration from our Angular codebase to React where all of our development currently takes place. Our mobile apps are also powered by React (Native) and reuse most of our regular frontend code.

As developers we collaborate, together with our designers, on Github where we work from a monorepo. Any code written, regardless of by whom, will be reviewed by at least one colleague before the code is merged. Once that happens, our build pipeline takes over and will automatically deploy new versions of any of the touched microservices towards our production environment. On busy days we may do this up to 30 times a day!

Wow, tell me more

Does the above apply to you, and can you see yourself working at Or do you still have some questions, and would you like some clarifications first? In both cases, we’d absolutely love to meet you (virtually). Just send us a short message using the Apply button, and we’ll be in touch shortly. is an innovative online careers platform for students and young professionals with up to 7 years of work experience. Our mission is to make it easier for you to find a job you love.
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Active in 2 countries
24 employees
80% men - 20% women
Average age is 27 years

What employees are saying

Mike Rovroy

Product Designer UX/UI

Mike Rovroy

What I love about, is its versatility. We have a great mix of creative marketeers, a helpful support squad, typical Delft developers, and customer-oriented sales people. Everyone adds something, especially to the great atmosphere during Friday afternoon drinks.

Merle Kok

Brand & Communications Manager

Merle Kok

One of the reasons I love working here is the openness in the company. Whether you’re the new intern or a very experienced ‘Magneteer’, people are interested in your ideas and you actually get to work on them! And after the so-called 9 to 5, we host plenty of BBQ’s, quizzes and drinks with the team.