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Traineeship Satellietcentrum van de Europese Unie

Posted 19 Apr 2022
Work experience
0 to 2 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
English (Good)

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Traineeship Satellietcentrum van de Europese Unie


The European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen) shall, in accordance with Art.2 of the Council Decision 2014/401/CFSP of 26 June 2014 on the European Union Satellite Centre and repealing Joint Action 2001/555/CFSP on the establishment of a European Union Satellite Centre, support the decision making and actions of the Union in the field of the CFSP and in particular the CSDP, including European Union crisis management missions and operations, by providing, at the request of the Council or the HR, products and services resulting from the exploitation of relevant space assets and collateral data, including satellite and aerial imagery, and related services.

1. Aim

The aim of introducing traineeships at SatCen is to create benefit for both parties – the organisation and the trainees – by allowing young university graduates, without excluding those who – in the framework of lifelong learning – have recently obtained a university diploma and are at the beginning of a new professional career, to gain their first experience of working for an EU body and to ensure the completion of specific tasks which are useful to SatCen.

2. Principles

  • To provide trainees with an understanding of the mission and activities of the SatCen.
  • To enable trainees to acquire practical experience and knowledge of the day-to-day SatCen work and to provide the SatCen with the contribution of trainees performing specific tasks of utility to SatCen and receiving input from recent graduates bringing up-to-date academic knowledge;
  • To enable trainees to put into practice knowledge acquired during their studies, and in particular in their specific areas of competence. To introduce these graduates to the professional world and the constraints, duties and opportunities therein.
  • To enable the SatCen to build a pool of people with first-hand experience and training in procedures applicable to the SatCen mission, who could cooperate with SatCen or other EU bodies in the future.

3. Eligibility

Any candidate who meets the following minimum eligibility criteria may apply for a traineeship at SatCen:

3.1 Nationality

Trainees shall be nationals of the Member States of the European Union or third states having signed the Annex on the provisions on the association of third states with SatCen's activities of the Council Decision 2014/401/CFSP of 26 June 2014 on the European Union Satellite Centre and repealing Joint Action 2001/555/CFSP on the establishment of a European Union Satellite Centre.

3.2 Qualifications

3.2.1 Education

Candidates must have completed at least three years (six semesters) of a higher education course (university education, studies equivalent to university law enforcement studies) on the date of sending the application.

3.2.2 Languages

Candidates must have very good, proven knowledge of the working language of SatCen (English) at the level B2 or higher.

4. Application process

All applications will be subject to pre-selection taking into account the applicant’s profile and the organisational needs and requirements.

4.1 Submission of applications

Please note that the Satellite Centre will only consider applications in response to published vacancy notices.

Please use the SatCen e-recruitment platform by following the link of the reference of the vacancy.

No applications can be accepted by any other means.

Do not send supporting documents with your application (i.e.: copies of your ID-Card, educational certificates, evidence of previous professional experience etc). Candidates invited for interview will be requested to present for verification all original documents supporting every educational achievement and work experience they have referred to in the application.

4.2 Selection procedure

SatCen makes a selection of trainees on the basis of the detailed screening of the received application forms. In addition, candidates may be contacted by SatCen over the phone in order to discuss their experience and mutual expectations prior to the final selection decision.

Successful candidates will be informed of the dates and rules governing the traineeship.

5. Organisation

5.1 Duration of traineeship

The traineeship may last for periods from 2 up to 6 months. The Traineeship agreement may be renewed, with the Trainee’s agreement.

The total duration of the training may not exceed 12 months.

5.2 Beginning of the traineeship

Successful candidates will be asked to submit a copy of their passport and supporting documents from their studies at latest on the day of starting the traineeship. Candidates shall be also requested to submit any forms or additional certificates required by SatCen upon starting the traineeship.

The trainee shall provide before starting the traineeship a document which shows that the applicant has cover for sickness insurance for the entire duration of the training period (E111 or a document showing that the applicant has a personal insurance coverage). The trainee is insured against accident risks at the workplace under the terms of the EU SATCEN’s policy with an insurance company.

At the beginning of the traineeship the trainee will be asked to sign a Traineeship Agreement stating the conditions of the traineeship and his/her activities during the traineeship period, as well as a SatCen Declaration of Confidentiality.

6. Rights and obligations of the trainee

6.1 Status

Admission to the traineeship program at SatCen does not award to the participants the status of Staff Member nor does it entail any right or priority with regard to an appointment in the services of SatCen.

6.2 Duties and obligations

6.2.1 Trainees shall be required to comply with the instructions given by their trainee adviser as well as the respective managers of the hosting entity. They shall also comply with the internal rules governing the functioning of SatCen, in particular the rules concerning security and confidentiality.

In accordance with the Title I, General provisions Art.2 (5) of the Staff Regulation of the EU SatCen published on 25 August 2009 (OJ) 11765/09, the trainee is required to hold a Security Clearance to at least level SECRET UE or equivalent. The EU Satellite Centre will undertake to request this clearance on behalf of the trainee.

6.2.2 Trainees must take part in all activities organised for them, respecting the timetables and programmes laid down.

6.2.3 SatCen reserves its right to terminate the traineeship and to take legal proceedings against any person who does not respect their obligations; including obligations related to discretion and confidentiality (see point 6.3).

6.2.4 At the end of the traineeship period, trainees must submit to the trainee adviser a report on their activities and objectives met during the traineeship period.

6.3 Confidentiality

Trainees must exercise the greatest discretion regarding facts and information that come to their knowledge during the course of their traineeship. They must not, in any matter, disclose to any unauthorized person any document or information not already made public. To ensure this discretion, trainees shall be requested to implement and sign SatCen Declaration of Confidentiality before starting the traineeship.

If the traineeship is to be used for the trainee’s thesis, the trainee´s adviser and the Director of the SatCen are responsible for reviewing the texts to make sure that that there are no confidentiality issues.

6.4 Allowance

Traineeship will be awarded a flat rate monthly allowance. The amount of the allowance is maximum 1,000 euros.

Trainees are solely responsible for the payment of any taxes due on the allowances received from SatCen by virtue of the laws in force in the State concerned.

At the end of traineeship and for tax purposes, the shall provide an income certificate stating the total amount received by the trainee, confirming that tax and social security payments have not been paid by SatCen.

Je bent op zoek naar een baan die past bij jouw ambities. Een baan in een internationale omgeving. Werken bij de EU is werken met collega's met een zeer gevarieerde culturele achtergrond. Er zijn carrièremogelijkheden in Brussel, Luxemburg en Straatsburg, maar ook elders in Europa en in de rest van de wereld. De EU biedt volop mogelijkheden voor kandidaten met zeer uiteenlopende opleidingen en ervaring.
WerkenbijdeEU helpt je namens de Rijksoverheid op weg naar een functie bij de Europese Unie.

Den Haag
Active in 27 countries
40,000 employees
60% men - 40% women
Average age is 47 years

What employees are saying

Melissa van der Heijden

Trainee Europese Commissie

Melissa van der Heijden

Melissa meldde zich aan voor een traineeship bij de Europese Commissie, omdat ze internationale werkervaring wilde opdoen. Ze maakte vanuit het Emergency Response Coordination Centre het begin van de coronacrisis mee. Een bijzondere traineeplek in een bijzondere situatie,

Bart van der Meer

Trainee Europese Commissie

Bart van der Meer

Tijdens zijn traineeship werd ook het nieuwe team van de Europese Commissie samengesteld. Een spannende tijd, waarin druk werd gediscussieerd over de langetermijnstrategieën voor Europa. Vanaf dag één werd Bart betrokken bij gesprekken over de European Green Deal. Zie