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Data Scientist

Posted 22 Aug 2022
Work experience
0 to 1 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
English (Good)

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Job summary

The goal of a data scientist at Yabba Data Doo is to develop models to analyse data for clients. Examples of such models are: predictive and prescriptive analytics, data mining/pattern recognition and anomaly detection.

Furthermore, you are expected to take the lead in the design of the data warehouse so that your models can run smooth and efficiently. Each project is tailor-made for the client and therefore flexibility and creativity are required of you. This entitles coming up with solutions to source data that is not immediately available from the client’s sources, i.e. from websites or other external data sources. 

Additionally, you are engaged to take part in the setup of the data infrastructures (data warehouse and APIs) and help to build dashboards to visualise the result for clients. 

Main responsibilities
  • Developing models to analyse the data for the client 
  • Designing the data warehouse, together with a data engineer, to allow your models to run smooth and efficiently 
  • Solving for missing data (sourcing from external data sources) 
  • Integrating the models in the client’s IT environment (server or cloud). 


  • University degree, ideally a master's level or higher, in a data science-related field 
  • Good programming skills in Python and SQL 
  • Autonomous yet collaborative approach to work 
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced start-up environment


  • Relevant work experience in data science 
  • Programming skills in server engines (PostgreSQL or MySQL) and/or JavaScript 
  • Good prioritising and time management skills 
  • Experience with Machine Learning and AI 
  • Experience with data visualisation and data engineering 

Yabba Data Doo supports businesses in accelerating their transition to become more sustainable with data science. We make impact indicators continuously insightful based on data. This provides insight, vigour and steering power to decision makers. Thus: “Data Science in Action”!

Active in 1 country
6 employees
70% men - 30% women
Average age is 27 years

What employees are saying

Anthony Meyer zu Schlochtern

Managing Director

Anthony Meyer zu Schlochtern

As founder of Innovation Booster and Young Digital Leaders, Anthony has 10 years experience in building consultancies with a group of young talented people. As Yabba Data Doo’s managing director, he now transcends his expertise into his new mission. Anthony has one motto: ‘just do it’.

Nick Luijt

Project Manager

Nick Luijt

Nick learned the ropes of strategy consulting during multiple internships. Only to be seeing that sustainable projects ended in bullet points and lengthy reports, no real impact... Now as project manager he flows his experience to combine impact consulting with data science. Time for real action!