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Marketplaces Traineeship (8 weeks/ 32hrs)

Traineeship Amsterdam, NL
Posted 20 Jul 2021

Degree level


Job function


Required language

English (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 2 years


€1,250 per month

Start date

1 September 2021


21 Aug 2021 00:00

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For our office in Amsterdam we are looking for a class of cool trainee’s to learn all there is to know about the wonderful world of Marketplaces.

After 8 weeks of the traineeship, you will be ready for a role as a Junior Marketplaces Specialist in our team.

In eight weeks you and your trainee colleagues will cover the following topics

  • The Basics of Marketplaces
  • Strategy for Marketplaces
  • Organizational challenges in Marketplaces
  • Marketplaces integration
  • Marketplaces Performance (Content & Advertising)
  • In addition you will follow trainings on: presentations, feedback, goals for growth and more!

Did you know that 54% of all online products sold are bought through a Marketplace? 

This makes marketplaces one of the most dynamic areas of e-commerce. Our international team is helping our clients with A – Z when it comes to marketplaces and in our traineeship you will learn all skills and tools to start helping them too.

So, we are looking for you when you:

  • Have a passion for digital and an interest in e-commerce/ Marketplaces;
  • Have completed your Bachelors or Masters degree less than a year ago;
  • Speak and write English;
  • Are ambitious and eager to learn;
  • Want to work in the coolest company with an international, multidisciplinary team!

What we will we offer you:

  • Compensation of €2500,- for your traineeship (8 weeks/32u);
  • Laptop to use during the traineeship;
  • Workplace in the office and/or nice work from home set-up;
  • Way to learn all the ins and outs of Marketplaces in record time;
  • A job as a Junior Marketplaces Specialist at Emakina after a successful traineeship.

So, who are the people in this cool team? Who will be walking you through this traineeship?

  • Nora Bielemeier, our team lead, the beacon of knowledge when it comes to marketplaces;
  • Jelle Sybesma, the Business Unit Manager of Marketplaces at Emakina and the commercial lead of the marketplaces team, maybe you have already seen his face in a webinar or interview online
  • Elli Papalazarou, the operational guru of our marketplaces team
  • Antoine Deventer, who not only knows marketplaces, but also knows how to advertise through there.
  • Alex Veremij, a digital fanatic who combines his performance marketing skills with marketplaces knowledge.
  • Edwin Klasens, with his background in e-commerce and technical skills, he is the go-to person for everything integration related.
  • Katie Yung, operations specialist with insight in the chinese market, check out this article!
  • Smriti Purohit, who is our expert on the Indian market and writer of this playbook!
  • Ela Guven, the newest Marketplaces team member!

And you, what will be your specialty?

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We’re a lucky bunch.
The place we work at is the ultimate combination of two worlds. We’re a tech-friendly agency AND we work for big international brands like Wolford, Rituals, and HEMA. We earned their trust as a strategic partner in digital transformation. We solve their most complex digital problems. We’re talking major, long-term projects – developed in-house with mind blowing budgets to match – creating new customer journeys at the very core of our clients’ business.

Active in 20 countries
185 employees
60% men - 40% women
Average age is 36 years

What employees are saying

Katie Yung

Marketplace Operations Specialist

Katie Yung

From the start, I have felt supported in every way. They truly care about the employees. It's never boring because we have clients from diverse backgrounds and I learn a lot. There is an opportunity to grow, based on what you want. Taking small steps, you discover your full potential along the way!

Smriti Purohit

Marketplace Operations Specialist

Smriti Purohit

A fun and supportive environment! From day one, I’ve gotten a chance to work on a range of exciting projects from a diverse group of clients. You have the opportunity to grow and pave your path. When you run into a problem - you’re surrounded by supportive colleagues who are ready to help!