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Internship Communication, Content Creation & Marketing

Internship Work from home
Posted 5 May 2021

Degree level


Job function


Required language

English (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 1 years


€0 - €750 per month

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Internship Communication & Marketing - Hable One

Are you ready to strengthen a young and dynamic team and have a positive impact on the world? Hable is an Eindhoven based startup with a mission: we want to make modern technology accessible for everyone 🚀. And you can help us with that! 


Energetic, collaborative, and optimistic. We are a young startup with a dream to change the world for people who are blind or visually impaired. Right now we are doing that with our Hable One smartphone keyboard. We operate in a market where innovation is slow and incremental. It's time for a change! 

Since the start of the dream, we have won the Philips Innovation Award "Rough Diamond Award", a Gerard and Anton Award, the European Venture Program, and the General Student Entrepreneurship Award. In addition, we have just started our online pre-sales in the Netherlands. In the coming months, we will expand our marketing & sales activities. Partly B2C, partly B2B (with international retailers). Right from the start, we focus our marketing activities internationally. Communication with the blind and visually impaired is essential, and we need your help for that!

Job profile

During your internship, you will mainly work in our customer development team. As you might imagine, the market for the blind and visually impaired is completely different from what you are used to when it comes to technological products. This also means that we are constantly working on better understanding our customers. For this, we do a lot of research and are in direct contact with the customer on a daily basis. In order to do this in a solid, effective, and structured way, we are publicing a lot of content online. We do this often in collaboration with our partners and customers, but we also need your help. Do you want to create content in the form of blogs, videos, animations you name it? Then we are looking for you! Furthermore, you can create a communication plan for our social media efforts and learn about our findings from the past. You will have a lot of autonomy to work out your own ideas - more than any other internship - and you will also contribute to better accessibility for people that deserve it.

So, what will you be doing at Hable?

  • Gathering information about all our different customers, both from home and abroad 
  • Creating a social media plan to support and promote marketing 
  • Collaborate with other teams within Hable to process customer feedback 

This makes us happy 😍

  • You are in your third or fourth year of communication study
  • You have adequate analytical and communication skills 
  • You are proactive and enjoy being in contact with people 
  • You have it in you to work in a (sometimes chaotic) entrepreneurial environment 
  • Intrinsically motivated to get the most out of your projects 
  • Different communication methods and techniques are not strange to you 

This is why you should apply

Hable is a startup filled with young people who work hard, but also dynamically. We all stand behind our goal and that creates a great atmosphere. The 9-5 mentality is not important to us. However, we are always there for each other and we do everything that is necessary (and often even more). You can work at home or at our office on the TU/e campus. In addition, with your project, you contribute to a more accessible world for the blind and visually impaired. Would you still be able to live without a smartphone? Given the close contact with our client, we always share in the joy, something worth more than anything else. 

I am looking forward to your application. Don't doubt whether you'll fit in or not; we'll work it out together 😎.

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Hable is an Eindhoven-based startup. We developed a smartphone keyboard for people with a visual impairment. Our mission is to make modern technology inclusive for blind and visually impaired people.
Since the start of the company, we won the Philips Innovation Award "Rough Diamond Award", a Gerard and Anton Award, The European Venture Programme and the General Student Entrepreneurship Award.
We have finished successful pilots and are currently starting our marketing & sales activities.

Active in 1 country
10 employees
80% men - 20% women
Average age is 24 years