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Creative Team

Job Amsterdam, NL
Posted 2 Apr 2021

Degree level


Job function


Required language

English (Fluent)

Work experience

4 to 15 years

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Join a fast growing company with a purpose! We offer you the unique chance to join as a creative team (or on your own, as part of that team-to-be) to build a strong brand that will change the world. Contribute to accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility, make a real difference in the world, and build a world class brand in the process!

Full-time · Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Your role(s)

Here’s the plan. We want to bring a highly ambitious Creative Team on board to develop Fastned into a distinctive, well known, and preferred brand. Why is that important? Because we want to accelerate the transition towards sustainable mobility. And we’re up against the big oil majors, so we need to get creative…

To get to where we want to be, we are looking for two ambitious creatives to really kick things off. If you are such a team of two, we would love to talk to you. Yes, we offer you the unique chance to join us as a team! But if you’re on your own but would like to become part of such a team, keep on reading as well, because maybe we can team you up with somebody else.

What we want is a bit like - or maybe a lot like - what John Schoolcraft did with Oatly ( So do you want to be like John and his team? Do you get excited about the challenge to build a strong brand that will change the world? Are you creative and entrepreneurial? Do you want to get out of being a consulting creative to take full ownership of the brand? Do you want to put that proverbial dent in the universe?

So what specifically are you going to be working on?

Together, you should be able to define a strategy and get creative via all relevant channels. More concretely, your goals include:

  • Refining the Fastned brand strategy;
  • Creating a coherent visual identity (including designs for our new website, app and charger screens);
  • Implementing this visual identity into the physical stations (including future developments such as shops);
  • Getting creative on social media to drive reach and engagement;
  • Developing content (graphics, text, videos) to perfect onboarding (we have millions of first time users coming up!);
  • Designing all sorts of materials & brand assets, such as branded clothing, the Annual Report, customer emails, joint promotions, etc.;
  • Developing visual/auditive ads;
  • And lots more!

In these roles, you will be working together with our designer and a brand manager. It is our goal to do most things in-house, and only get external parties involved when we lack internal production capacity. The formal lead of the team will be with one of the team members we are looking to bring on board, although we do envision a mostly non-hierarchical creative space.

Who are we looking for?

As said, we want to bring two persons on board, but rather than strictly defining each role, we instead want to give you the opportunity to convince us on why your combined skill set makes you the best team for our vision (or why your background would benefit the team if you’re on your own). We are looking for people with some/more/all of the following:

  • Affinity with the mission of Fastned: accelerating the transition towards sustainable mobility by giving freedom to electric drivers;
  • Previous experience in brand strategy setting and execution;
  • Experience in graphic/digital design - you have a related degree and a portfolio to show for;
  • Online (social media) campaigning experience;
  • Copywriting skills;
  • You have worked on various brands, probably in an agency setting but want more impact accountability;
  • Entrepreneurial mindset. You think big and want to do bold things, while at the same time measuring impact and effectiveness. You learn, improve and implement again.

Join us in building a better future

Together with over 70 colleagues we have the ambition to build Europe's best fast charging network. We currently operate in six countries (HQ in the Netherlands, offices in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Belgium and France) and are growing fast.

We work hard to change the world, but we don't forget to celebrate our successes, big and small. We provide daily vegetarian lunches at our offices, throw notorious Christmas parties, organize an amazing yearly trip abroad and we’ll give you 24/7 access to our fully electric vehicle fleet (all charging expenses covered). Other perks include a pension plan, access to our employee stock option plan, and the gear of your choice (MacBook vs ThinkPad, iOS vs Android).


We would love to have a chat with you! We’re looking forward to creative applications - convince us on why you are the best team for the job (or in case you’re on your own: why you are the best addition to our future creative team) and make use of whatever materials & assets you can think of.

Fastned is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We strongly encourage women, people of color, and LGBTQ(+) people to apply. We consider applicants of all genders.

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Once every while, there's an opportunity to join a young, rapidly growing company that matters to the future. At Fastned you can work on tangible sustainable infrastructure to accelerate the transition to electric mobility. Our goal is a European network of 1,000 fast charging stations on prime locations where electric drivers can charge their vehicles with energy from the sun and wind.
Fastned currently operates in six countries (Netherlands, Germany, UK, Switzerland, France and Belgium).

Active in 6 countries
70 employees
50% men - 50% women
Average age is 29 years