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Internship Task scheduler

Internship Woerden, NL
Posted 30 Mar 2021

Degree level


Job function


Required languages

Dutch (Native)
English (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 1 years


€625 - €750 per month

Start date

1 September 2021


1 Aug 2021 00:00

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BluePrint Automation (BPA) is the world leader in innovative packaging automation solutions. Our mission is to deliver solutions that offer true flexibility in real world production environments.  

Backed by thousands of successful installations in over 60 countries, BPA has three full-service manufacturing facilities in the USA and Europe, two additional facilities in Hangzhou (China) and São Paulo (Brazil) and eight additional subsidiaries throughout the world for sales and service.  

We know it is our reputation that makes us successful; starting from initial contact through project management, including our 24/7 after sales service and support. We remain committed to being your long-term partner for innovative end-of-line turn-key packaging automation solutions for primary and secondary packages. 

Task Scheduler

Background information

In our current delta robot lines, delta robots must cooperate to fill cartons with products. The contents of a carton can be single flavor, but they can also consist of a mix of different flavors in a more or less predefined pattern. The delta robots in such a line are configured to operate with the cartons traveling in the opposing direction in relation to the products to be picked (counter flow) or in the same direction (co-flow). Current algorithms are either slow (causing buffer time/distance between detection and the first robot), or produce non optimal results (causing the need for one or more extra robot to act as gatekeepers).

 For more information about the task scheduler (vision guided robotics):


Design and develop an algorithm to optimize the production efficiency (throughput in products per minute) for one or more configurations without the need for extra buffer space between detection and the first robot.

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About BluePrint Automation - BPA
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BluePrint Automation (BPA) is een producent van uiterst geavanceerde, geautomatiseerde verpakkingslijnen voor het verpakken van flexibele zakken in dozen voor A-merken in de voedingsindustrie. Met duizenden succesvolle installaties in meer dan 60 landen zijn BPA verpakkingsoplossingen wereldwijd bekend vanwege hun snelle omsteltijden, flexibiliteit en eenvoudige bediening.
In Woerden werken 300 gepassioneerde medewerkers. Wij hebben een informele, dynamische en open cultuur.

Active in 60 countries
300 employees
90% men - 10% women
Average age is 32 years

What employees are saying


Sales Manager Business Development


In 2014 ben ik gestart als Sales Support Engineer, een technische functie met commerciële affiniteit. Dit sloot goed aan op mijn opleiding (Industrial Management and Engineering) en interesses. Als Sales Support Engineer ondersteun je een verkoper in de buitendienst. Vanaf het moment dat de order wordt...


Application Engineer


BluePrint Automation is een veelzijdige en dynamische organisatie met volop uitdagingen binnen de projecten en mijn functie als Application Engineer. Slogan van de organisatie is ‘’Flexible’’ waarbij het in hokjes denken omgebogen is tot ‘’think into the box’’. Als Automated Case Packer fabrikant is het onze dagelijkse...