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Machine Learning Engineering Internship

Internship Delft, NL
Posted 10 Mar 2021

Degree level


Job function


Required language

English (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 15 years

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Machine Learning Engineering Internship

Will you be our new brain?

Geronimo.AI is a start-up in Delft founded in November 2018 and applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to real-world problems. We develop algorithms in the realms of Geospatial Machine Learning, concerning geographical data and computer vision. Currently we combine running projects with developing three products: detecting crops using satellite imagery, predicting the quality of roads using road measurements and detecting mutations to all outside objects using aerial images.


THE JOB (4-6 months full-time)

You will work together with experienced Machine Learning Engineers, get involved with the client and join our technical and company meetings to help shape our path.


·       A real engineer and educated in Mathematics

·       Passionate about data-driven solutions

·       Independent in your way of working

·       A coding ninja


·       Machine learning libraries (sklearn, TensorFlow, …)

·       Data engineering (pandas, SQL, …)

·       Geospatial processing (GeoPandas, Shapely, rasterio, …)


·       Young team, big impact, exciting start-up life

·       Integration with our experienced machine learning team

·       Access to high-end computing hardware

·       Office in Delft with a stunning view and incredible lunches

·       Joy in- and outside of the office


Send an email with your motivation, CV and any relevant technical reports to For more information, visit

Logo Geronimo.AI
About Geronimo.AI
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We are a young start-up that hopped on the AI train, going full speed ahead with developing our products. We are passionate about AI and stay true to our tech background.
On this picture you see our team standing proudly in front of our office. We are on the 12th floor of the TU Delft Aerospace Engineering Faculty. You can visit us to enjoy the view :)

Active in 1 country
8 employees
100% men
Average age is 26 years

What employees are saying

Kasper Uleman

Machine Learning Engineering Intern

Kasper Uleman

For academically schooled students that are already decent coders, I can strongly recommend joining some kind of software department. From experience, I can tell that coding in an efficiently operating team provides a much steeper learning curve than schooling yourself at home.

Stijn Bosma

Machine Learning Engineer

Stijn Bosma

From day one, you will get a responsibility for your project, which means you will see direct impact of your work. As the company is still in its start-up phase you can personally influence in what aspects you would like to help, resulting in highly varying working days.