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Digital Marketing Traineeship

Posted 9 Sep 2022
Work experience
0 to 3 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required languages
English (Good)
Dutch (Fluent)

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Digital Marketing traineeship at Newcraft Group

Looking for:

  • Experience at premium brand companies in Digital Marketing?
  • An upgrade of your Digital Marketing skillset?
  • Professional & personal development?

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In our one-year program you choose to specialise in either Email Marketing, Paid Marketing, Digital Retail Media or Organic Growth Marketing at one of our labels. These programs have been developed with great care in order for you to learn as much as possible!

You start working for our clients right away, while you’re being coached by our specialists (blackbelts). This way you can put your new skills to practice from the beginning. Sounds pretty serious right? Don’t worry, having a good time is part of our DNA so there’s plenty of time to chill and party with your colleagues.

Newcraft Group Traineeships (click for an overview)

The Newcraft Group consists of three companies: Newcraft, OAK & UNFOLDR. Within each of these companies we offer a traineeship. This is how it works:

Follow the Marketing Automation traineeship at Newcraft. Focus on paid advertising or email marketing. Setting up campaigns, optimisation in Google Ads or working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud; it's all in there. Become a digital pro in no time!

At UNFOLDR, we offer our brand new Digital Retail Media traineeship. Do you have a broad view on the digital marketing landscape? With UNFOLDR’s Digital Retail Media Traineeship you'll become familiar with creating monetization strategies for retailers and brands or improving product content or create a retail media plan.

Become an organic digital marketeer at OAK. In the Organic Growth Marketing Traineeship you'll learn everything from SEO to Copywriting and Content Marketing. Always focussing on our premium brand clients' owned and earned channels.

Check out our websites to see which traineeship fits your ambition.

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We’re 177 professionals with a passion for everything that’s digital. We love to help our clients change, grow, and master the capabilities of the future. That’s why we call ourselves digital accelerators. Everything we do is aimed at result in the broadest sense of the word. We like it when clients gain more revenue with our help, but we get truly excited when we see organizations transform and change the way they work. Sounds good? Join us!

Marketing & communication
Active in 5 countries
177 employees
50% men - 50% women
Average age is 33 years

What employees are saying

Casper Bults

Online merchandiser

Casper Bults

The fast track has been the fastest way to get up to speed quickly with all the work within the Commerce team. We operate at a Champions League level with big names as customers. I also became good friends with colleagues. This allowed me to find my way quickly in this fast-paced environment.

Ruben Nijholt

Junior SEO specialist

Ruben Nijholt

I can definitely recommend the traineeship at OAK and Newcraft. Rapidly expand your knowledge with lots of great training sessions and quickly gain responsibility at projects. Apart from the serious stuff you work with lots of young and fun people with great social activities as a BIG bonus!