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Student Intern

Internship Amsterdam, NL
Posted 26 Feb 2021

Degree level


Job function


Required languages

Dutch (Fluent)
English (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 1 years

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  • We’re always interested in hearing from bright, enthusiastic, creative students who want to intern with us and learn more about design research and service design as part of their studies.

Important: You must be currently studying to apply for an internship with us. We cannot take graduates. What you are studying doesn’t matter so much; in the past, we have had all kind of design students, as well as people studying anthropology, psychology and business. For both offices, you’ll need to speak English to a high level. For the Amsterdam office, you also need to speak fluent, business-level Dutch.

The internship lasts a minimum of four months. The start date is negotiable, depending on whether we have other interns currently (each office only has one intern at a time). For the first half of the internship, you shadow STBY members and learn how we work. Once you’re comfortable with the basics, we’ll ask you to contribute to our ongoing projects. In the second half you work on your own project to explore a part of our work (a topic, a tool, etc) deeper. 

If you’re interested, please send your portfolio, CV and a motivation letter, explaining why you think STBY is a good place to do an internship, what you want to learn, what you expect, and what you can contribute to us.

About STBY
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STBY is een pionier in design research voor diensteninnovatie. We doen projecten voor bedrijven, overheden, NGO’s in uiteenlopende sectoren. Onze creatieve onderzoeksprojecten verbinden organisaties met de levens en de ervaringen van hun klanten. We maken visuele en aansprekende materialen waardoor ‘echte mensen’ centraal komen te staan in service innovatie projecten. Het onderzoek naar mensen is een belangrijk onderdeel van ons werk. Zie ook onze website voor meer informatie en voorbeelden van het werk wat we doen.

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