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Consultant Data Transformation

Job Hilversum, NL
Posted 9 Feb 2021

Degree level


Job function


Required languages

Dutch (Fluent)
English (Fluent)

Work experience

6 to 7 years

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Data Transformation Consultant 

Xebia is a Global Digital and IT consultancy that came to the market 20 years ago, far ahead of the curve on the Digital Transformation. Being so long on the market has allowed Xebia build a profound expertise across the board, from software development, IT architecture, DevOps, Cloud and Cybersecurity, to building Data Driven and Agile organizations with the sole purpose of helping organizations make most of the value promised by technology. As the digital ambitions of our clients grow, so is Xebia looking to scale and use its experience to create ever more value, moving the needle on the success of Digital and Agile Transformations at the prime companies in the Netherlands like ING, Unilever, Philips,, Ahold, Schiphol, Elsevier, Heineken, Grandvision, Keylane, NXP, KPN and Shell. 

Xebia is looking for experienced and hands-on, pragmatic and no-nonsense Data Transformation Consultant with a strong track record in delivering large scale Digital & Agile Transformations at companies mentioned above or similar, who can align strategy, operating model, and IT architecture with execution – from Diagnosing and Designing, to Executing Digital Transformations with a strong focus on upskilling the workforce to stay relevant in a fast paced and ever changing market and improving (Leadership) Agility to make a profound and lasting change. 

As Xebia Data Transformation Consultant, you will be involved in working on client challenges related to, e.g.:


  • Digital & Agile Maturity Assessments 
  • Designing Digital Strategy (Data, IT, Cloud, Agile)
  • Designing Product Vision and Strategy
  • Designing Operating Models (Agile (SAFe, LeSS), DevOps, Data, Cloud, Security) 
  • Business Case & Value tracking of Digital Transformation 
  • Designing Roadmaps
  • Designing pragmatic Transformation Programs 
  • Designing integrated Portfolio management 
  • Designing Change (including learning journeys)

Transformation Execution:

  • Digital & Agile Transformation Program Management 
  • Strategy Implementation 
  • Transformation Value tracking
  • Product management (PO)
  • Portfolio Management Implementation
  • Processes and value chain Implementation 
  • Implementing way of working
  • Team coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Implementing learning journeys (Training, coaching, intervision)
  • Fixing the organizational eco-system (Environment, culture & behaviour)

We believe each Xebia Data Transformation Consultant should be able to have sufficient experience to do the majority of the above. We also believe they should have one strong core set of skills in which they can add most value. 

One such set of skills is combined in the role we are currently looking for: Data & Cloud Transformation Consultant. 

It is becoming commonly accepted that data is important and public cloud can deliver much value. Our clients are embracing data and cloud but often have difficulties defining a good strategy (data strategy and/or cloud strategy) and/or effectively executing on the strategy while developing the required new capabilities. We are looking for experienced consultants that can help answer our clients’ key questions:

Key Questions for Data & AI strategy

  • What is the value of data and AI in my industry and for my organization?
  • How do I identify and unlock the value of data?
  • What organizational capabilities do I need to deliver value with data?
  • How do I enhance operations, products, services or decision making with data and AI?
  • What Cloud strategy fits 

Key Questions for Cloud Transformation

  • What is my Cloud strategy and how do I govern and manage costs? 
  • What delivery model fits with my strategy and do I go single or multi-cloud?
  • What does my Cloud roadmap look like? What workloads will I move, when and how?

And on top of these questions clients ask us to help them implement data, AI and cloud strategies. We do this by working closely together with our data engineers and scientists and cloud engineers from the Xebia-labels GoDataDriven and Binx. 


  • You have at least 6-10 years of experience in Digital & Agile Transformations bridging strategy and execution 
  • You are an authority in what you do and known for it in your community of peers
  • You understand the theory and know how to effectively implement it in practice to make a successful change 
  • You are a non-nonsense person and that demystifies, removes vagueness and gets things done 
  • You have a strong point of view on Data & Cloud Transformation and know from experience what works and doesn’t work in any given situation, depending on the client’s context
  • You are an entrepreneurial self-starter with a strong commercial sense to find a solution for large corporate, as well as digital native organizations and scale-ups 
  • You can easily find your way around the organization to find opportunities and create synergies 
  • You always look to working together with other experienced consultants to complement your skills and create new opportunities 
  • You can speak business as well as IT and translate where necessary to build bridges 
  • You have an open mind and a creative spirit with a can-do mentality, thinking beyond delivering Slides/Excels/ existing standard solutions 
  • You have your own point of view and are not afraid to share it, but be open and respectful with the opinions of others 
  • You are a knowledge sharer and thrive at sharing your views and learnings with colleagues, clients and community peers
  • You are energetic and have a great sense of humour 
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Our team of over 265 consultants has one mission: strive for the position of authority in each of our markets. Realizing this is solely possible with curious people, who are driven by making businesses work better, smarter, and faster. When you team up with Xebia, expect in-depth expertise underlined by an authentic, values-led way of working that infuses all that we do.

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