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Internship Marketing & Branding

Internship Delft, NL
Posted 30 Dec 2020

Degree level


Job function


Required language

Dutch (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 2 years

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We envision a future in which plastics can be re-used in high quality applications again and again, closing the loop definitively. We believe that by providing stakeholders with in depth information on material quality and composition, the recycling industry can become more data driven and thereby more successful at producing high quality products from recycled plastic waste.

Our mission is to solve societal and environmental problems through innovation at an international scale, applying artificial intelligence on sensor data.

Main challenges:

  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Develop a branding strategy
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Recycling of plastic waste into high quality products, is facing major constraints caused by the plurality of materials used in plastic products. Even after plastic waste has been separated, a significant percentage of unknown contaminants remains in the material, which makes reuse in high quality products difficult, due to the negative effects that contaminants have.
Polytential decided to provide a solution...

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