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Stage Data Processing

Internship Delft, NL
Posted 2 Dec 2020

Degree level


Job function


Required languages

Dutch (Fluent)
English (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 5 years


€250 - €300 per month

Start date

1 February 2021

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SLAM Ortho has developed a technique that helps surgeons to measure the required screw length when placing screws in bones. Currently, after drilling, surgeons measure the depth of the hole manually with a hook with a ruler on it. This takes 10% of expensive OR time, is considered annoying by surgeons because the borehole is often in a difficult position and leads to the wrong screw length in 8% of the cases.

During drilling, the sensor technology of SLAM Ortho measures multiple signals. The sensor sends this data to an algorithm that shows the surgeon the required screw length. The operation of the algorithm has now been demonstrated in a proof-of-concept.

The purpose of this assignment is work on further developing the sensing technology. Based on your personal profile, topics that can be discussed are:

  • Analyzing and optimizing different sensing options
  • Developing the signal processing algorithm
  • Writing software to process the incoming signals
  • Create test setup for systems simulating hospital environments
  • Doing tests with doctors in the hospital

We are a startup with a diverse and ambitious team with experience in the medical field, engineering (Mechanical and Electrical) and data analysis. As a student you will be part of the team and intensively supported. You will also work in our office at YES! Delft, one of the leading tech incubators in Europe.

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SLAM Ortho ontwikkelt technologie voor chirurgen die operaties doen om botbreuken te fixeren. Met onze sensortechnologie kunnen zij in de toekomst patiënten beter en sneller behandelen.
Het leuke van werken aan nieuwe technologische oplossingen voor in ziekenhuizen is dat je met een hoop mensen met veel verschillende achtergronden in contact komt, die allemaal met jouw product gaan werken. Je eigen ontwikkelde oplossing zorgt ervoor dat zij hun werk nog beter kunnen doen.

Active in 1 country
4 employees
50% men - 50% women
Average age is 29 years