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Stabilization algorithm for industrial mixed palletizing

Internship Amsterdam, NL
Posted 19 Dec 2020

Degree level


Job function


Required language

English (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 1 years


€250 per month

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Intressed to work on machine learning and vision models that will run on robots arround the world? We have several open internship positions within our team of experts and are looking for you! Please contact us for more information.

With our advanced stacking algorithms, we provide industrial robots with the intelligence needed to perform on-the-fly stacking of boxes on various carriers. In this process, stability of the stack is of high importance. The algorithm you will design will use the positioning of boxes to stabilize the already stacked items. A 3D camera feedback system is used to get real-time feedback of the stacked items which will be the input of your algorithm. By tactically placing new boxes, instable parts of the stack can be stabilized.

Job description

  • Perform a literature research on quantification of stacked object stability.
  • Analyse the stability of stacked items using mathematical models.
  • Design a decision algorithm to improve stability by tactically placing new items and integrate it with our existing reinforcement learning models.
  • Integrate a 3D camera feedback system.
  • Optimize the performance based on test results.

What are we looking for?

  • MSc. level thinking with knowledge of physics and mathematical models.
  • You have experience with math libraries (e.g. Numpy, Matlab, Eigen).
  • You have experience with AI libraries (e.g. Keras, PyTorch,Tensorflow).
  • You are not afraid to dive into research literature.
  • You are available for 4+ months.
  • Experience with software development (C#.NET, C++, Python) is a big plus.
  • Fluency in English, Dutch is a plus.

What we offer you

  • A place within a young enthusiastic team of technical experts.
  • Practical experience of intelligent robot applications in the industry.
  • €250/month full-time internship
  • Travel cost allowance during your internship.
  • A possibility for a permanent job after you finished.
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Viroteq ontwikkelt en levert modulaire intelligentie voor het On-The-Fly stapelen en verpakken van objecten van verschillende formaten. Hierdoor vergemakkelijken we de inzet van robotica binnen de snel veranderende processen in de logistieke industrie. Onze software maakt hierin gebruik van slimme algoritmen die het mogelijk maken de inzet van robots flexibeler en efficiënter te maken voor zowel integratoren als eindklanten.

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