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Thesis Internship

Internship Rotterdam, NL
Posted 5 Oct 2020

Degree level


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Required language

English (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 2 years

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Almost done with your study and looking for a place to write your thesis? Consider Veneficus! When working on our projects, you get to see the practical applications of data science right away. At Veneficus, we have several subjects we want to research further. For most of them we have data available which means you start right away.

Writing your thesis at Veneficus does not only give you the opportunity to take on a challenging project, you can also get a close look of how we work as a company. While working on your thesis, you will support our "regular" projects as well, if you want. This gives you a sense of what it would be like to work for Veneficus.

This is Veneficus

Veneficus consists of a team of data engineers, data scientists and solution engineers with a passion for data. Our primary goal is to deliver innovative and understandable insights to grow our clients. We use all kinds of data, models and tools so that our clients can make the optimal decision. To achieve this, we deploy solutions we developed ourselves. We focus on the following sectors:

  • Retail & E-commerce
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Public Sector

We think in terms of solutions and have a fresh, innovative view of the field. Our clients love our passionate approach and the successful results we achieve. We are eager to learn, always try out new stuff and also dare to make mistakes. We consider personal development of paramount importance. But is is not all about data, algorithms, tools and advise. We like to alternate racking our brain over complex issues with playing a game of foosball. 

Thesis Topics

The thesis topics we are interested in include, but are not limited to, the one mentioned below. If you have an interesting idea for a project you want to take on, let us know. If not, below is a topic we would like to see researched.

Transfer learning for new construction modelling in Real Estate

When buying a house you have the choice to either buy an existing home, or to buy a newly built house. Between these two options you will find that there are differences in price and how different factors such as house and neighbourhood characteristics affect it. Typically you will be able to buy a much bigger house when it is newly constructed as opposed to when you buy an existing house.

At Veneficus, we have made models to predict the value of houses for several clients in the new construction sector. A big challenge in the modelling of new construction projects is the scarcity of data. While we do have a substantial data set for newly built homes, the dataset we have on existing houses is much larger. We believe our new construction models could be improved if we incorporate the dataset of existing houses. Some methods we have in mind for this are:

  • Transfer learning of tree-based models
  • Transfer learning of neural network based models
  • Bayesian modelling using priors constructed from data on existing houses

With your thesis you can contribute to scientific literature by applying cutting edge techniques to a unique and relevant use case, as well as help Veneficus by potentially improving the accuracy and stability of our models. You will learn how data science works in practice by working with young, enthusiastic and knowledgeable colleagues!

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Veneficus brings light to the overwhelming world of data & intelligence. As data scientist, developers and engineers with a passion for data, there’s nothing we enjoy more than making others fall in love with it as well. By turning numbers into visuals, abstraction into ideas and code into business plans.
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