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Design Internship

Internship Amsterdam, NL
Posted 5 Oct 2020

Degree level


Job function


Required language

Dutch (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 1 years

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Help improve the education of students worldwide by designing for an epic onboarding and brand experience! As a design intern on our team, you will join our collaborate with both the product and commercial teams. Your designs will be a driving force behind the adoption of our product in universities like Harvard and MIT and will directly impact the education of students. You will learn from and work closely with an exceptionally passionate agile team and will be challenged to deliver work that matches the high design standards of our product.

We believe that to face the challenges of modern society, education needs to cultivate constructive critical thinking worldwide. This is why our team is on a mission to help teachers with facilitating new, engaging and interactive learning methods in their courses.

In practice, we do that by co-creating apps together with the leading universities in the Netherlands and beyond as part of a EdTech Consortium. We bridge the gap between technology and educational science and make both accessible to the teachers, looking to improve their education. 

Responsibilities (from high to low priority):

Illustration (40% of your time)

  • Feature/product onboarding illustrations
  • Animations for user delight
  • Background images
  • Placeholder UI’s

Graphics (print and web) (30% of your time)

  • Business cards 
  • Photo editing
  • Branding
  • Brochures
  • Ads
  • Slides

Interface design (30% of your time)

  • Designing based on usecases
  • Design discussion and review
  • Usertesting with teachers/students


Student/recent graduate with an interest in Design, Graphics, Animation, Communication, based in the Randstad area

Bonus points for:

  • Experience in vector based illustration applications (e.g. Adobe Illustrator)
  • Experience in new-gen UI design applications (Figma, SketchApp)
  • Self-driven, highly motivated, and passionate about technology and making an impact
  • You seek constructive criticism and being direct and open with others
  • You are ever curious and wanting to learn!

A FeedbackFruits intern doesn’t make coffee! You will be given freedom, real responsibilities and will be expected to learn continuously and live up to your potential as any other person on our team. 

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Our team builds web-apps, helping teachers to make their courses fascinating. Each of us's passion is to make a positive impact on education, and that drives our mission.
We believe education is key to facing the future challenges of society and achieving our full potential as individuals. The success of today's education depends on teachers turning the flame of curiosity into lifelong learning and critical thinking.

Active in 11 countries
30 employees
70% men - 30% women
Average age is 28 years