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Co-Founder November 2020

Job Utrecht, NL
Posted 1 Oct 2020

Degree level


Job function

General business

Required language

English (Good)

Work experience

1 to 10 years

Start date

20 November 2020

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As a co-founder, it will be your primary task to validate and build a startup. Holland Startup builds teams of two co-founders that validate and build startups using a standardized process, allowing us to move from ideation to scaling in 300 days. We offer: 

  • A challenging, full-time (>40 hours) position as co-founder of a startup;
  • Full ownership from scratch: shaping and pivoting a high-level idea into an actual proof of concept and ultimately an MVP (minimal viable product);
  • A research grant while building a startup;
  • An extensive network, access to relevant expertise and in-depth guidance;
  • Incorporating a company and getting backed by venture capital (and their support team) at Holland Startup;

A warm and vibrant startup community at our headquarters in Utrecht’s city center, where your startup will be based. We place trust and confidence in our co-founders.

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About Holland Startup
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At Holland Startup we help young entrepreneurs with living up to their ambitions. We coach, manage and finance young entrepreneurs to build succesful startups. We enable them to shape our society! Are you in?

Venture capital & private equity
Active in 1 country
40 employees
60% men - 40% women
Average age is 28 years

What employees are saying

Swati Mathur

Co-founder ChainSlayer

Swati Mathur

Holland Startup gives an excellent community, timely guidance and much needed structure to first time founders. I joined them because they help me leverage their years of accumulated wisdom to launch my startup in a more calculated and strategic way. I believe this improves my chance of success.

Nick Krushchev

Co-founder Bynd

Nick Krushchev

Holland Startup is not only a place where you work towards your idea, but also where you continuously learn new things. United by the same passion, we - co-founders, aim to help each other throughout the whole process, creating a unique environment.