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Graduation assignment:building a classifier for timing anomalies of request response timing

Internship in Veldhoven, the Netherlands

Degree level


Job function


Required language

English (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 1 years

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Are you a Master student with experience in exploratory data analysis, supervisory control or state machines in a technical domain? Then this graduation assignment could be interesting for you. 

Job Mission

The ASML Production Control group is responsible for the high-level control of the ASML lithography machines. Due to high number of machine configurations and variance of input, it is extremely hard to diagnose anomalies of request response timing (e.g. productivity issue).

Job Description

The goal of the project is to build a classifier for anomalies of request response timing. The challenge is that the classifier must be able to distinguish expected anomalies (e.g. due to change of input) from unexpected ones (e.g. a productivity issue). To acquire enough context, you will work with the popular timed message sequence chart data model. This assignment will consist of:

  • Exploration of the data;
  • Identification of necessary additional domain data or knowledge together with domain experts;
  • Experimenting with classification techniques;
  • Augmenting classification technique with domain specific knowledge;
  • Validating the classifier by applying it on scenarios that exhibit timing anomalies.


You are a Master student in Data Science, Mathematics or Computer Science. You have affinity with exploratory data analysis and supervisory control or state machines in a technical domain. You are an analytical thinker, strong communicator and are proficient in English, both written and verbally. 

This is a Master graduation assignment for 5 days a week with duration of a minimum 6 months. The start date of this assignment is in September 2020.

Please keep in mind that we can only consider students (who are enrolled at a school during the whole internship period) for our internships and graduation assignments. 

Other information

What ASML offers

Your internship will be in one of the leading Dutch corporations, gaining valuable experience in a highly dynamic environment. You will receive a monthly internship allowance of 500 euro (maximum), plus a possible housing or travel allowance. In addition, you’ll get expert, practical guidance and the chance to work in and experience a dynamic, innovative team environment.

ASML: Be part of progress

We make machines that make chips – the hearts of the devices that keep us informed, entertained and safe; that improve our quality of life and help to tackle the world’s toughest problems.

We build some of the most amazing machines that you will ever see, and the software to run them. Never satisfied, we measure our performance in units that begin with pico or nano.

We believe we can always do better. We believe the winning idea can come from anyone. We love what we do – not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard. 

Students: Getting ready for real-world R&D

Pushing technology further is teamwork, and our R&D team is more than 5,500 people strong, with major sites on three continents. Dozens of diverse, interdisciplinary teams work in parallel to meet a challenging development schedule. 

In such an environment, your colleagues may be sitting next door, or they could be thousands of kilometers away in a different country, or even working for a different company.

An internship at ASML is your opportunity to get to know this world of industrial-strength R&D and get a feel for that excites you most. Will you design a part of the machine, or make sure it gets built to the tightest possible specifications? Will you write software that drives the system to its best performance, or work side-by-side with the engineers of our customers in a fab, optimizing a system to the requirements of the customer?

How will you be part of progress?

About ASML
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We make machines that make chips; the hearts of the devices that keep us informed, entertained and safe. Our key technology is the lithography system, which brings together high-tech hardware and advanced software to control the chip manufacturing process. All of the world’s top chipmakers like Samsung, Intel and TSMC use our technology, enabling the waves of innovation that help tackle the world’s toughest challenges.

20,000 employees

What employees are saying

Rene Vergouwe

Electrical Engineer

Rene Vergouwe

I'm an Integrator in Electrical Engineering at ASML. I'm working on a module that is called the source which consists of 30 kilowatts of laser power.
To build up a laser system of 30 kilowatts is very time consuming. So, we created a simulation rack which...

Diego Alvarez

Mechanical Design Engineer

Diego Alvarez

I am a mechanical design engineer at ASML. In our EUV, or extreme ultraviolet light machines, we use this kind of light to create tiny features on the microchips.
In order to create this light we use tin droplets and we shoot them with a high power laser....