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Frontend developer React

Job in Delft, the Netherlands

Degree level


Job function


Required language

Dutch (Fluent)

Work experience

2 to 5 years

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It's an exciting time for our team at VIKTOR. After launching our platform in early 2017 we are rapidly growing our customer base and our developer community. We are hyper-focused to make VIKTOR the low-code platform for engineers in the manufacturing and building industry wanting to automate the boring work and enable them to build awesome products.

You will work as part of our platform development team to improve our web experience through our React frontend and build new features that allow our users to automate their daily workflow and allow developers to build apps with your components. If you are passionate about building and shipping software that brings job satisfaction to our users and you love working with the latest technologies, then we're eager to get to know you.

What a day could look like

Today you start a new sprint where you and your team will build a new feature on top of our API. Together with product developers you discuss how to take on the first story and you pair with a backend developer how to get the right data. Next you discuss with a junior frontend developer how to reduce request count to keep our interfaces fast. You'll see a merge request about it later today. You spent the rest of the morning focused on your feature-branch.

Lunchtime! You run into an enthusiastic sales engineer and brainstorm about a new UI component that could be a great powertool for a specific industry, together the two of you sketch the outlines and roughly draw up a business case and plan the execution.


  • A great team consisting of people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Impact on our technology roadmap
  • Opportunities to grow with the company
  • Work with the newest and greatest technologies
  • Bring happiness and job satisfaction to our users and developers on a daily basis
  • Built applications that are mission critical to innovative companies
  • Possibility to work remotely


  • Friday afternoon drinks
  • Pension plan, mobile phone, laptop, mobility allowance, 28 days off
  • Biweekly tech talks and demos
  • Bimonthly team activities
  • Flexible working hours
  • Great coffee and fresh fruit
  • Developer friendly environment, CI/CD, integration and unit tested software
  • Inspiring workplace at one of Europe's largest technology incubators


  • You are an independent thinker, creative in finding the best solutions
  • You have at least two years of experience in building web applications using React (or similar such as Vue or modern Angular)
  • You have an academic level of working and thinking, you can reason through some level of abstraction
  • You can guarantee the technical feasibility of UI/UX decisions
  • You can separate the great from the overhyped in the land of frontend
  • You feel comfortable using and learning about technologies like Cypress, WebSockets, WebGL and REST API's
  • You have a European nationality
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Our software product VIKTOR.
Your helping hand in engineering processes
During your engineering processes, communication between your engineers and tools is key for an efficient workflow. Unfortunately, having everybody and everything work together to create the best design isn't always that easy. VIKTOR is the solution.
Automate the boring, engineer the awesome
VIKTOR automates calculations and simplifies the overview of processes according to...

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